Pathfinders for Greenways

The Volunteer, Nonprofit, Citizens Support Group

Pathfinders for Greenways was incorporated in 1997 to be a non-profit organization to involve citizens in greenways. Pathfinders provides a forum for involvement of volunteers, coordination of work days, greenway promotional events, and fund raising. The Board of Directors has filed articles of incorporation (revised and approved April 10, 2008), elected officers, adopted bylaws (revised and approved April 1, 2008), formed committees, sponsored work days, and assisted with promotional efforts. The Pathfinders have been particularly effective in building and maintaining natural surface trails. They donate 3-5,000 hours of volunteer service each year and have purchased over $60,000 worth of trail building equipment. Pathfinders has 501(c)(3) status which allows all contributions to be tax deductible.

Open to all citizens.

Organization Type; Functioning Committees
Nonprofit corporation; Executive, Finance, Nominating, Equipment, Trail Building and Volunteer Coordination, Public Relations/Marketing/Education*, Special Events*, Foundation for the the Roanoke Valley Advisory*, Development/Fund Raising*
*Joint committees with Greenway Commission


  1. Promote and encourage development of a greenway network in the Roanoke Valley
  2. Educate citizens and officials on greenway benefits and value
  3. Raise and receive gifts, donations and grants for greenways
  4. Organize volunteers to assist with greenway development and maintenance.

Activities include:

  • Publish newsletter, greenway brochures
  • Sponsor fund raising and publicity events
  • Set up Adopt-A-Greenway groups
  • Provide speakers and teachers
  • Train and lead trail construction crews
  • Write grant applications