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Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  37.4  7   10/12/2019  We finished the rock work on one banked turn and packed dirt on it. Hard to pack as it was too dry. Will need to wait for rain before finishing. We started on a new banked turn also. We did a little more trail roughing in and a lot of finishing work.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  39.8  7   10/6/2019  We moved the tool boxes down the trails quite a way to have the tools handy to where we are working. This gave us a chance to clean them out too and organize the tools. We also built a new access trail and it is much further down the road. We also worked on the banked turn. Connor smashed rocks most of the day which made Turtle happy. A little more arranging of the rocks and that turn should be ready for dirt. We also did a lot of finishing work on the trail and roughed in some more also.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  47.0  9   10/2/2019  Clearing trail to Hi Dee Ho. Added shell around the roots.   Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  33.9  5   9/29/2019  We worked on hand finishing a section of trail. We were able to take good extra clay from the trail bed and use it in our latest banked turn that had its finishing rock work done this morning. We had enough dirt to finish this banked turn. We will need a few rains to see how the dirt packs in as it was way too dry today. We worked on the back slope further down the trail and had to wait on tread finishing work until the next banked turn is ready for dirt. That next turn got most of its rock collected, positioned and smashed today. It will need a little more before it is ready for dirt. We have our drainage area picked out below the banked turn and ready to collect some dirt from as needed. It needed to be dug out a little just for good drainage. We also pushed ahead a bit with roughed in trail. Some fallen trees had to be cleared.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  72.5  13   9/25/2019  Did a walk through with Renee and the whole crew, talking about design and layout, things yet to fix, things that have worn in. Then started attaching the final ravine. Short but super steep backslope  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  38.3  7   9/22/2019  Today we did finishing work on trail that had been roughed in. We also started on another banked turn which is on a turn around a show piece rock that we took the trail around. This turn was almost finished today! We also roughed in around 100' more trail. Things are going really well in this section and the finished trail looks really good.  Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  71.0  12   9/18/2019  Final touches before the ribbon cutting. Installed 4 directional signs at bottom, 5 posts & 3 signs above. Put up VOF signs. Painted signs and bollards on Hanging Rock to 1206 Kessler Mill. Great improvement. Weeded, trash on Dutch Oven bridge and road. We're ready!  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  44.8  8   9/15/2019  Today we used our big pile of naturalizing material to touch up some places before moving on. Also we finished a small banked turn right at the exit of the alternate route over the Turtle Back Bridge. We also continued the trail and curved around a very huge rock in a way that we might be able to include an alternate route over it in the future if the right big rock slabs are found. We did a lot of hand work to finish back slope, trail tread shaping and down slope clean up.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  50.0  10   9/11/2019  Super hot day. Very very dry. Ground was super slick. Plus dust. Getting to the point where we can see bike trails from the other end, not staying on the flag line.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  48.8  9   9/8/2019  Today we finished naturalizing the dirt mine and the trail before it. We added legs to the Turtle Back Bridge feature. We moved leftover rocks around to make seats with drink holder tables in a semi-circle with stadium seating viewing the rock feature. We think this will be a fine area to rest and hang out awhile. We finished most of the naturalizing all around this area. A small banked turn was started right by the exit from the alternate route for best flow. Some shaping of the trail just before the drainage turn was finished. The trail was roughed in and mostly finished for over 100 more feet. Lots of downed trees were cut and moved away from the trail corridor. Large crew and great progress today. We are now moving out of this area and fast!  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  11.3  2   9/7/2019  Tonight we finished what we are now calling the Turtle Back Bridge. We finished the stone path on the beginning side of the bridge and blended the last stone into the main trail. Then I tested the bridge a few times with my bike. Also we spent time naturalizing the dirt mine using the Vermeer to do the major dirt moving and shaping of the land around this area to blend it all in.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  7.5  3   9/6/2019  We worked on the rock trail leading to the arched bridge. Also started the work to naturalize the dirt mine using the Vermeer to do the major dirt moving and shaping.   Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  84.5  12   9/4/2019  Back on Hinchee to install signs, No Trespassing signs, and gate bypasses. Tom and Stew went to Bennett Springs afterwards and did another hour of tree cutting. Dave fought with the problem culvert the whole time. Shannon ran the Ditch Witch to dig nine post holes and then to fix ditches that still had rocks and leaf piles. Two rock retaining walls were built to give users a way around the extra wide gates. Blanche and others had a run-in with Mr. Brown for cleaning ditches along VA Deer.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  30.5  6   9/1/2019  Today we finished the downhill end of the rock trail from the arched bridge alternate route so that a rock trail goes all the way down and ties into main trail. We smashed small rocks all around the big rocks to secure them well and then will added dirt and shaped the surrounding area. Started the work on naturalizing around it. Added more rocks to the drainage dam to storm proof it as best as possible while we have access to the rocks and are in the area. At least 30 five gallon buckets of small rocks were gathered. And around 8 cannycoms full of medium rocks. Also around 5 cannycoms full of dirt.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  60.0  12   8/28/2019  This trail has been officially named Midway Cruise. After several weeks off for Wolf Creek and Hinchee, everyone was glad to get back to this favorite. Shannon, Blanche and Liz worked on improving the creek crossing and digging out the shale edge. Others continued with the sidehill  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  34.8  5   8/25/2019  Today we worked on naturalizing several different areas. We also continued work on the alternate rock path that goes over the arch. We are now almost done on both sides of the rock connector path. Also some more shaping was done on the area between the banked turns which required 4 more loads of dirt. The big drainage area was improved by making the water controls a little higher to protect from a possible future big storm. We needed to do something useful with all the rock we were finding while looking for the larger rocks needed for the alternate route.   Official 
Brushy Mountain Trail  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  49.5  9   8/21/2019  Opened all the remaining culverts. Went as far as Trough.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  27.0  4   8/18/2019  Rich and Steve focused on shaping the back slope for a 100 foot section of trail. Then they worked on naturalizing the back slope and down slope below the trail for a longer section of maybe 200 feet. John and I drilled and split a rock to shape it to fit in the rock path on the approach to the arch feature. Then we placed about 20 foot of rock. In the afternoon we put dirt on a banked turn and compacted it. Then we added much dirt and shaped the back slope above the turn to force users onto the turn and narrow the trail back down. We used the jumping jack compactor and the ground was almost too dry, but it worked out in the end and looks pretty good.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Trail  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.0  6   8/14/2019  Worked Hinchee and Brushy Mtn. Roger and Tom cut the last big blow down oak, near Buck, making the road totally open. Others cleaned small stuff and trees out of ditches, plus culverts. half the crew did culverts on Hinchee.  Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  35.5  7   8/14/2019  Five worked near the parking lot, cutting trees and limbs to clear the site line VDOT wants. Others worked on culverts beyond the second gate. (Others went onto Brushy Mtn Trail.)  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  41.8  7   8/11/2019  The morning was cool at around 60 degrees! The parking lot was packed. We worked on several tasks today. Rex tucked all the upper side landscape material under the rocks. He said the knee pads we had out there were great. Jesse took all the rocks we harvested and smashed and shaped them into a banked turn we have been working on. The rest of us had the main goal of digging for large flat rocks to use for our alternate rock route over the arched rock. We are making the whole route out of flat stone. As we dug for those, we harvested smaller rock for the banked turn. We also drilled at split a very large rock into 2 long pieces we will use for the narrow side of alternate trail. In the afternoon we spent a lot of time placing some very large rocks on the other side of the arch banking towards re-intersecting with the trail. These rocks took most of us to move with pry bars.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Trail  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  87.5  15   8/7/2019  Liz cleaned up dead trees on yellow parcel at the bottom. Then she and Ron worked culverts out to Blanche and Dave, on the big leaf culvert. Others are WAY in there. Got to within 0.3 of Buck. Excitement of the day for some was digging up copperhead eggs.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Trail  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  43.5  8   7/31/2019  You can't have cool every week, but not bad temps. Getting way on out the mountain. Focusing on clearing; didn't get all the ditches. Welcome to Steve.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Trail  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  56.0  11   7/24/2019  Continuing on out Brushy Mountain. Did about 0.7 mile. Beautifully cool temperatures.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  19.4  4   7/21/2019  It was a very hot day. We worked on packing the banked turn dirt that is on top of the french drain. We have been working hard to keep the dirt out of the rocks. It has been hard to pack at the steep angle of the turn. The jumping jack compactor is not designed to work well at that kind of angle. We also used the Vermeer since the turn is so long, that actually worked pretty well. So we used a combination of both. We also added some more rocks just below the dirt in order to blend the two area and help block any dirt movement as the dirt had ended up a bit higher than the rocks. A strong storm came and we had to call the day short. We had hoped to tuck the top side of the fabric under the rocks, but we had to leave and we got very wet. Glad we stopped as it rained for quite a while with lots of lightning.   Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  45.5  10   7/17/2019  The County was on the trail today, using machines to clean ditches and regrade road. Most of us were beyond the second gate, with some getting all the way to the Brushy Mtn pull off near Hugh's property. Bud had weedeater with saw blade for small pines. Hot day  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  22.8  4   7/14/2019  Today we finally started putting the dirt down on top of our big french drain. We put landscaping material down first to keep the dirt out of our drainage flow. We got many loads of dirt from our dirt mine. We put a banked 8 foot wide crossing over out much larger rock field. We used the new jumping jack compactor, to the dirt was too dry. We did not get as much compacting done as wee had hoped. Hope we don't have a big rain before we get back out there.  Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  62.0  13   7/10/2019  Trying to catch up on the parts not done before, as the County will start road work soon. We had five on the very bottom near the gate, two on culverts higher up, and the others cutting above the second gate. Top crew got to the rock cairn just before City line.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.5  6   7/7/2019  We had to first cut three trees off the road on the way in. Two where significant. When we got to site, I had planned for us to add dirt to drainage turn. However with all the recent heavy rain we had gotten out there, I noticed that we could use more rocks in a few areas due to how significant the flow was and we also had to widen on left side due to softness of ground. So another day of collecting moving and smashing rocks. Also we worked on collecting special flat rocks for alternate trail over rock arch and clearing the route for that where it connects back into main trail on the downhill side. We did get a thunderstorm and had to wait it out under a tarp for around 30 minutes.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  30.8  5   6/30/2019  Hot today. I thought we might be able to start putting the dirt down for the trail over the french drainage. However in the light of a new day, I felt like we still needed to do more shaping of the rock bed and improve the length and height of the banked turn part of this crossing. It is best to get this right with the rock base under the turn instead of doing it with dirt. Also we worked about half the day on the special rock feature we are adding off to the side of the trail where we have been harvesting rock. We took some of the biggest rocks and made a picnic table slash bike bridge feature. It looks really neat and fun to sit at. We had lunch there and thought about how fun it could be to bike over too. It is a great area to spend some time relaxing. We are going to spend more time here naturalizing around this area and maybe extending the bike feature a bit with a totally stone trail through the area.   Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  46.0  10   6/26/2019  Back to Hinchee after helping get Wolf Creek ready for the 20th celebration. Continuing to clear the road and culverts. Several leaving early for GC meeting and Wolf Creek.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  47.8  9   6/23/2019  Good size crew today and we really got a lot done. Had a team of two on naturalizing previously built trail surroundings on back sloop and down sloop of trail. They used the hand pushed wheelbarrow as another team was using the Cannycom to harvest load after load of rock and take it to our huge french drain. Another crew smashed rock for most of the day and shaped the layout of the rocks in the french drain / banked turn / drainage crossing. By the end of the day it was pretty close to being ready for the landscaping cloth and dirt. We also added rock to a banked turn we are making before the drainage turn. In addition we built around 150 feet of new trail. We are in a pretty easy area right now.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.5  1   6/21/2019  I rode my bike out and collected rock for the french drain crossing we have been working on. I also added several large rocks to our newest banked turn that is up near where we are harvesting rock. I was digging all around a yellow jacket nest to see how many rocks I was able to sneak out of the area without upsetting them too much. I want to actually shape this whole area as this nice knoll is where I want to use the huge rock we found to make a picnic table. We also have some rocks to make some seats. We are going to try to make this to use as a bike feature also.  Official 
Wolf Creek Greenway Maintenance  Town of Vinton  4.0  2   6/21/2019  Finished staining the bridge deck  Official 
Wolf Creek Greenway Maintenance  Town of Vinton  5.0  2   6/20/2019  Having cancelled Wed because of the dire forecast and morning sprinkles, there was little rain and a small group met Thursday. The bench in honor of the Bryants was installed (except the top board) and one side of the bridge deck was stained, leaving the other side for travel.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  28.5  6   6/16/2019  We collected rocks for the big french drain and bigger rocks for the banked turn support. We are getting close to enough rocks for the drainage, but a lot of smashing is still needed. About ready for the smaller rocks on the banked turn. Ron and Cathy focused on naturalizing the section of trail before the dirt mine and back just before the previous banked turn.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  19.2  4   6/14/2019  We first had to cut 3 trees off the road to make it to our parking area. One of the trees was around 18 inch diameter. Once we got to site we continued our work of collecting and hauling rock to the big french drain/banked turn. We also worked on adding big rocks to support our other banked turn up the hill. We uncovered a really huge slab of rock and thought a bit about what to make out of it. Suggestions so far = a tall monument, a picnic table, a bike jump. I am not for sure which it will be yet. It is around 4000 lbs and 10 foot by 3 foot and about a foot thick. It will not be fun to move very far. We did get into a yellow jacket nest, but nobody got stung. They seemed mellow in the cool weather.  Official 
Wolf Creek Greenway Maintenance  Town of Vinton and Roanoke County  74.5  13   6/12/2019  Time again for culvert cleaning and bridge staining. We had two Canycoms, Ditch Witch, and wheelbarrows in the culvert. Hauled the sand (3-4 dump truck loads) to the Goode Park side and the county picked it up. We also removed some old sand piles near the culvert entrance, swept the paved section. Roger led a bridge repair crew, replacing some boards and posts. We all worked on staining the railings after culvet was done. Wolf Creek Greenway 20th anniversary planned for June 26.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  7.3  2   6/11/2019  We rode our bikes out to continue construction. Today we smashed rocks and moved rocks. We are working on a very large French drain. It needs lots of rocks. We are also working on getting some very large rocks over to our next banked turn, but have to get the smaller rocks out of the way first.  Official 
Hinchee Trail  Roanoke County  64.8  13   6/5/2019  Today we began work on the Hinchee Trail, clearing old deadfall, cutting back trees and shrubs from the ditch line, and cleaning culverts. Roger and Tom's crews worked up the road and on beyond the second gate. Bud and Liz's crews focused on culverts and first landing. There had been forecast of significant storms by 11, so when it started raining at 1:15, we all headed out, only to have it quit.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  2.3  1   6/3/2019  Rode bike out to work on trail. Worked on harvesting rocks. Moved some medium large rocks (~300 lbs) to the side in order to get at a 1000lb rock which I rolled over to our latest banked turn foundation and wiggled it into place with Vermeer and rock bar. Now we will have access to a few more 1000lb rocks for the banked turn foundation. It is a slow process as we have to clear all the other smaller rocks out of the way to protect the rubber tracks of the Vermeer. It is not a waste of time as we are collecting all those rocks and using them for the drainage that will be under the trail as it passes above a large drainage area.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  28.0  6   6/2/2019  Today we could only do afternoon shift since the trail marathon was using most of the trails and fire road in the morning. We spent the afternoon moving and placing and smashing rocks in the drainage for the French drain. Also worked on making a rock free path for the Vermeer to allow the moving of very large rocks for banked turn without hurting the rubber tracks. This had the other advantage of providing many more rocks needed for drainage and banked turn. And are there ever a huge amount of rocks in this area.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  2.0  1   6/1/2019  Finished digging out and shaping the part of the drainage area that we will be filling with rock for the French drain. Also did some work to shape the left side bank and sort the organic out of the dirt I added there.  Official 
Garden City Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway, Roanoke City  57.5  12   5/29/2019  Today we built the Garden City Trail, connecting Garden City Recreation and Greenway and the Blue Ridge Parkway Horse Trail. Roger, John, Frank, and Jimbo did seven steps from the grass to the trail. Dave repaired the rootball trail section. Tom cut trees. The rest cleaned out the drainage, leaf dams, invasives, waterbars and dug post holes. George walked to Gum Spring and Chestnut Ridge and reported no other trees down. Renee provided the materials and the popsicles.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  15.5  4   5/27/2019  I had out of town company today, so we did a short day and my friend from out of town joined the fun. We worked in the drainage area where we will be installing a large French drain under the trail and a nice banked turn on top of it. We have had to reshape the area and widen the drainage to support the expected flow. We have had much organic material to remove in order to get ground compatibility and sustainability. The dirt we are left with is looking much better. We started adding some rocks to the outflow area. Much more needed.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  14.3  3   5/24/2019  Today we continued working on the drainage where we are reshaping the area to widen the drainage and slow down the water. We are installing a large French drain under the trail. So we are digging out where the rocks will go and we are sorting organic out of dirt which we are moving to the sides and back.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  77.3  14   5/22/2019  Worked hard on the steep hill and on the creek crossing. As we dug out near the crrek, Blanche and Chuck carried the buckets of dirt away, making a small mountain. We swiveled the log to use for retaining. Had to dig the trail ever wider on both ends to make it passable with the tall backslope and to keep dirt out of the creek.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  13.5  2   5/19/2019  Small crew today. The weather was clear but a little hot at 90. We worked on the drainage crossing. We cut up all the downed trees and moved them to all little way up the ravine and made a dam of deadfall that will slow the water down well before it gets to our French drain and runs under the trail. We also sorted out a whole bunch of roots and other organic material throughout the area of the banked turn crossing. We are prepping the area before we add all the rocks for the French drain. We want to make sure we get it right before putting the rock down.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  68.0  11   5/15/2019  Headed into the deep ravine. While we needed rocks for retaining around some roots, it was impossible to carry them there, given the steep sideslope, so the trail had to be etched in first. Stew, Blanche and Liz worked near the creek, figuring out creek crossing options. Some folks are starting to walk in from HiDeeHoe; getting close.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  1.5  1   5/15/2019  Biked out to do a little machine work in the drainage. Sorted out a whole lot of roots and organic material. The roots were amazingly thick. I also took out a few trees in order to get the drainage crossing shaped correctly.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  31.8  6   5/9/2019  We had our workday on Thursday this week because it looks like the whole weekend will be a rain fest. We started by finding and moving very large boulders to our newest banked turn for back support. Since it is such a steep side slope we needed to put really big boulders in place. Lot of pry bar work with all 4 of us prying the rocks slowly in place. We used the Vermeer to harvest rocks, but had to remove rocks all around the area we were running across with the machine in order to not damage the rubber tracks. The good news is that we have a huge pile of rocks we have collected. We have more work to do for the support of the banked turn, but decided to take a break with that for the afternoon. In the afternoon we pushed forward on the trail and got into the drainage area of the ravine. We tried to leave the area in good shape for the rain this weekend. There is an huge amount of organic material in this area that was a lot of work to move off to piles out of the area we are working.  Official 
Murray Run Greenway - Trail Repair  Roanoke Greenways - ROA_City_P&R  139.5  18   5/8/2019  Crew 1 installed forms; poured concrete near parking lot and bridge. Crew 2 installed and compacted stone on the hill. What a very long day.Special thanks to: Shannon for the concrete expertise. We are lucky to have him, given that no one else in the group even had floating concrete skills. He was a trooper from start to finish, even transporting gravel the day before. Bill G was the ever expert eye and special touches in the layout and design. We were so glad to have him all day. Jim Brown was for the "didn't think of it" tools, like clamps & saw horses, the expertise in using them, and patience with the rest of us. Roger brought cords and equipment delivery, plus back up on stone and concrete, along with Jimbo. Chuck and Ron did lots of shoveling and digging and raking. Don Strum and Jim Lewis were back with us on a day we could use lots of hands. Sandy and Wendy Gordge took pictures and ran delivery of the survival ice and gatorade - truly a life saver. The stone trail crew ate dust all day and finished!!!! The crew across the way took stone to Montgomery and worked along, at times without equipment. Blanche brought cookies and Liz birthday cupcakes for Shannon, so we had more to eat than dust, plus Blanche stuck it out to help with clean up. Renee was everywhere, keeping both crews supplied and going, lunch, hoses, and all those materials. Big day  Official 
Murray Run Greenway - Trail Repair  Roanoke Greenways - ROA_City_P&R  4.0  1   5/6/2019  Two trips hauling gravel from the Cove to Murray Run to put under the concrete  Unofficial 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  62.0  11   5/1/2019  Back to the other side of the ravine. Dug as far as the teepee, with Blanche getting the steep hill cleared. When back at the parking lot, the final four helped move a tree at the start of Bennett Springs Loop.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  2.5  1   4/30/2019  Spent a little time adding some dirt to the top of the banked turn and the far end. Plus put a little in a few low spots. But I did not want to take the compactor back over it as I was afraid I might mess up how good it is right now since it is now so hard and maybe brittle. There were some drying cracks. Then I blew leaves off the areas we are getting ready to work in for the drainage crossing and above the area we are now working in so that the leaves would not be blowing into where we are working requiring us to pick them out of the dirt. Then I pushed forward a little on the trail and worked on some of the backslope we had already started.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  23.5  8   4/28/2019  Interesting day. We stopped to cut a tree off the road near the wood bridge. Well it had a hairy vine all up through the tree. At first I didn't think it was poison, but then I got a better look at the dying leaves and thought pretty sure it was. Well we had the oils all over us by then and we finished cutting the tree and vines. Then I decided to call the work morning so that we all could go home and wash off the poison oil. I also had to clean it off the saw(quite a job), chaps and helmet and truck steering wheel, door and tailgate handles. Now we cross our fingers. So I was all cleaned up and went back out to meet Rich and Cindy for afternoon shift. Rex came back then also. We pushed forward on the trail and made good progress.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  100.5  20   4/24/2019  This was North Cross service day, so we jumped beyond the steep ravine. Came in from HiDeeHoe, walked out of sight, and worked a new section on that side.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  4.8  2   4/24/2019  Rode my bike out to work on the trial. I added a bunch more dirt to the banked turn and packed it using the jumping jack compactor. I managed to get it all the way up on the banked turn which took a bit of force, but I got the hang of how to do it. It is looking pretty nice. Then I met up with Aaron to ride the road and talk about how we are going to fix the ditches and low spots in the road.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.0  1   4/23/2019  Today I added more dirt to the banked turn and used the loaner jumping jack compactor to pack and shape it.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  4.0  1   4/22/2019  Rode my bike out to do some trail building. I worked on the big banked turn near where we are extending the trail. I smashed a bunch of the rocks and moved them around to shape the turn.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  18.2  3   4/21/2019  First we cut some trees off the road. One was tricky as it was a leaner. All were pines so lots of branch cutting to manage it. Then we got out to the Rock-N-Roll. We worked on extending the trail and we also worked on the big banked turn and even ran the loaner compactor a little even though it was a bit too wet, it still did pretty well. We got some of the rock foundation in for the next banked turn.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  None  3.5  1   4/20/2019  Changed Oil in Cannycom #1. Cleaned air filter and housing. When I got to truck, the battery was dead. Took 20 minutes for it to jump charge enough to start. Charged the truck for several hours at my house. Fixed the tailgate latch issue using wire wrapped around the parts. Fixed the left brake light socket which made for intermittent light. Aired up the tires to 70psi. I found the spare at 8psi. I guess we all forget to check that one. Repaired the 6 way blade control switch for Vermeer. It had broken off. The old one was plastic, I found a nice metal one in my parts bin at home. I soldered the wires to it for better connection.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  2.5  1   4/18/2019  Rode my bike out to do some more work before we get all the rain. I pushed forward some on the trail. But my main focus was to run the jumping jack compactor some more. This time I did a section of trail that had a lot of rock in it but the shape was a little off. Again the compaction amount was more then I expected. The rocks seemed to be pulverized. In the end, the trail was shaped much better. There was some loose material on top, but I was able to use my feet to do the final smoothing. We have a large section of tread finished now and ready for naturalizing around it.  Official 
Murray Run Greenway - Trail Repair  Roanoke Greenways - ROA_City_P&R  130.3  18   4/17/2019  Big workday of hauling and compacting stone that was washed out in Hurricane Michael. Two ditch witches, two Canycoms, two compactors, front end loader to help move stone. Bill supervised excavation at the parking lot and bridge for pouring of concrete at a latter day. Had seven additional people not on this list. Got from the lower end to the base of the hill.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.5  1   4/17/2019  I biked out to the trail and added some dirt to a few low places on a section of trail that was near done. Then I ran the loaner jumping jack compactor over the whole area. It really compacted a section of trail we had already hand packed some. This did much more. It did something that I was hoping it would do and that is knock down high spots and push the dirt into low spots. It was a little hard to control in some places. But I got better at using it over time.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  11.0  2   4/13/2019  I did not give much notice for the work day today due to weather forecast. So there were only two of us working today. We had a loaner Jumping Jack compactor to try out today (Thanks to Aaron Copeland with Copeland Excavation and Construction Co). It was a little wet to do the compacting, but it did pretty well. It will be much better when not quite as wet. We spent must of our time pushing forward on the trail and made some good progress through a tough section with lots of big rocks and organic material. The dirt was a little wet and heavy to work with also. After the work day, I went to special gas station to refill our gas cans with NO-Ethanol gas for our equipment. Then I got a new bulb for brake light that was out and replaced it. The new one did not work well, so had to mess with socket a bit. Was not great to do in rain, so might have to work on it more later if it goes out again. It looked like old bulb was bad and they threw it away at auto store.  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  53.5  10   4/10/2019  Parked in the same place at MP 117.3 in that field area, with others leapfrogging as they moved forward. Bud took 3 with him to finish up that part back by Pitzer. Roger and others worked to finish up under the power line. Great improvement there. Then as each group finished, it moved to the next section, Jae Valley to 118. . As you walk up the hill, they debermed and filled the trench. At the creek, did some cleaning out and stepping stones at the Ford. Beyond that, Tom worked on trees to Bandy.   Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  34.8  7   4/7/2019  Today we pushed forward on the trail. The crew could stay pretty close together with some working on adding rocks to a large banked turn and some smashing rocks into the trail tread and others sorting through the material the Vermeer turned over as we cut into the hillside. We are shaping and finishing trial as we go including the upper and lower side hill. If we need a little more clay, then we haul it over from our nearby barrow pit.  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  62.5  12   4/3/2019  This week we parked in the field between Pitzer and Jae Valley, working both directions. Greatly improved the section of trail coming out of the woods into the field and the section under powerline. Some Where the trail comes out of the woods into the field, if you were coming from Pitzer (Mp 117.3), we re-dug the bench, took out encroaching multi-flora rose, opened it up so a horse can fit through. This was impassable to start. We also re-dug that section of trail - almost finished; will wrap up the piece near Pitzer next week. Going toward Jae Valley from the field, we had some great improvements at the creek crossing and up under the powerline. The culvert at the creek crossing was washing out because of debris in the stream; we removed that and repaired some holes in the tread. Under the powerline, we are rebenching to fill the trench and include some runoff spots. We did not open up the trail down to Jae Valley road itself, as there is a section on private property which is for sale. The horses are obviously (tracks) walking at the edge of the Parkway to cross Jae Valley.   Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  49.5  9   3/27/2019  The trail crew worked today from Sha-al/Rutrough. In the morning we finished the trail section from Rutrough to Hogan. It is clear, raked, pin flagged, ready for users. After lunch we walked down the driveway from Rutrough to the next trail section, which we had cleared of deadfall last week. It was immediately obvious that someone had been through there on an ATV. Tracks all the way to the field by Simsmore Interestingly, this person did some "trail work", chainsawing additional sections of logs to widen the clearance, pushing logs away from the trail, cutting overhanging limbs to make more horizontal and vertical clearance. Reported all this to Ranger. Crew dug the section around the big blow down  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  31.3  6   3/23/2019  Today we started with about 3 hours of naturalizing about 400 foot of trail backslope and downslope. This narrows back down the trail and will define where we want the users to go. It will look real nice when the plants start to grow in those areas. We made sure that drainage was not blocked. Then we moved back to extending the trail. We are working on a steep side slope with lots of organic material and rocks. We are doing finishing work as we go. We do have a big banked turn that we are adding rocks to each work day. We got around 75 foot of new trail built.  Official 
Fallen Tree Clearing  Tinker Creek Greenway at Hollins  6.0  2   3/22/2019  Cutting pines that came down in snow/ice/wind storms  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  56.0  10   3/20/2019  The first day of spring and it felt like it. With four sawyers we were able to make significant progress on tree fall between Hogan Road and Rutrough, Rutrough Road to Simsmore, and Pitzer to the field before Jae Valley. Also raked and cleared trail to make the location more obvious. Blazing would be helpful. Worked on Hogan to Rutrough. It is all open and most of it has been raked and re-dug in the last few months, but we have one more spot to do next week. This still has pin flags the length of it. From Rutrough to Pitzer, we got all trees cut, corridor cleared and most of it raked. We'll tweak that next week. From Pitzer to the field in the middle, half way to Jae Valley, we got the trees cut, but have not yet raked or cleared small stuff. Met several neighbors - Roger Ray and Billy Spradlin. They both were glad to see work being done on the trail.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  27.0  5   3/17/2019  Another nice day. Wow, the weather pattern has changed. The road only has a few mud bogs. The dirt is not sticking to our tampers. Today we did more finishing work. We use a lot of clay fill to get the elevation and shape we want. We shaped the trial tread, made sure the trail was well above the downhill slope, so that when we go to naturalize, water will not be held on the trail. We shaped an inside banked turn in a drainage area. Since it was a drainage area we smashed many rocks into the tread and back slope in that area. We did a bunch of back slope shaping. We may only have one day left on finishing work before continuing with the trail. Most of that work will be naturalizing around the tread.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  12.8  2   3/14/2019  Today I took a vacation day from work since it was my Bday. It was such a nice day that wanted to be outside most of the day. So trail work in the morning and biking in the evening. Rich came out to work with me even though it was a last minute request. He has been traveling and was anxious to get back to the Rock-N-Roll trail building. We did some finishing work as we needed to get some of that done before pushing ahead again. We narrowed the trail down some where it had gotten too wide from some huge rocks that we had to take out of the bank as we tried to get by and avoid the tree that was on the other side of the rocks. Also the ground did not slope off very well for drainage up next to the trail, we wanted it to slope off more on downhill side of trail so that when we added naturalizing material, it would not block drainage off the trail tread. We also filled the holes the rocks came out of on the back slope and shaped the slope and did some modification to even the tread out. Where we added fill, we also added rocks for hardening.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  62.0  12   3/13/2019  Spring is in the air and great to have a large crew out. Lots of folks to attack the shrubbery. Finally got beyond it and headed down the hill to the teepee. We could have a round about here and a loop trail on the ridge.  Official 
Appalachian Trail/Catawba Valley Trail  Roanoke County  4.0  2   3/11/2019  Roger and Liz hiked out AT from McAfee, carrying chainsaw gear, signs, and sign installation stuff. Installed signs, made by Jim Brown last week, on the existing post at the intersection of Catawba Greenway. Hiked down the trail to the bridge, cutting all debris, which wasn't bad. Trail needs some work on the shaly section, where the backslope is collapsing. The VT wetland has made it impossible to get to the gate unless you walk through water.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  42.8  7   3/10/2019  It was a warm and sunny day. However the ground was wet. Rock-N-Roll was in pretty good shape, but the dirt was a bit sticky. We did some more shaping and finishing work on the trail. We smashed some rock into the tread to harden areas and add material to get the shape we wanted. We opened up a place to get some dirt. We also put some dirt on top of our rock banked turn. We worked on the back slope in several areas. We started piling up rock for the next banked turn. Even though it is not easy, we noted how well it has been working when we smash rock into the trail. We will focus more on doing it as we go in the future.  Official 
Sign Manufacture  Multiple  4.0  1   3/7/2019  Jim Brown made two signs for AT at Catawba Greenway intersection  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  30.0  6   3/6/2019  Still winter. Forecast of high winds. Core crew continued to work. Entering a section with lots of small bushes.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  12.8  2   3/2/2019  Today it was only two of us. Our plan was to first stop and cut a big tree off of the beginning of Rock-N-Roll and it crossed the trail twice and knocked several other trees down. But that was not the big problem, it was the huge root ball that came up right in the middle of the trail. It was taller than us and huge amount of dirt. Well we wanted to remove the stump from the trail as it would mess up the flow where it was. It turned out to be a huge effort. The stump had huge roots still in the ground. It was a very healthy tree with no rot. It ended up taking all day and we barely got it done and all the dirt moved around to reshape the area.  Official 
Carvins Cove Trails - multiple  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  42.0  10   2/27/2019  Big effort to help cut trees and get trails open again after the snow, ice and wind storms. Sawyer Shannon and Greg got the four trees on Bennett Springs loop, went out Hotel to the new trail, cut out all the deadfall on the new trail, and returned to finish up the big pine at the intersection of Hotel and HiDee Ho. (Someone had cut it enough to get through, but the trunk stood up.) Bud, Jimbo, and Bob drove out to Songbird, cut 7 trees in the first half mile, went out Rattlin Run and got two more before meeting Roger. Roger, Frank, and Ben hiked out Rattlin Run, also got two trees, then turned left on Songbird and went all the way, losing count there were so many trees. Liz and Blanche worked on Hotel, cleaning out under the Boy Scout bridge, cleaning the ford, and cutting a big pine and two small trees near the ford. Later helped Shannon and Greg at the intersection, then went up to get the three trees near the start of Four Gordge. Still need some clean up at that spot, as the rootballs are hanging into the trail. Great day - no rain today!  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  8.5  2   2/27/2019  Two of the crew dug trail, while the rest cut trees from the windstorm.   Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  36.2  7   2/15/2019  We moved the workday to Friday due to weather. Glad we did as the weather was great and we had a good turn out. We had to cut 3 trees off the fire road on the way in. We split into two groups. one group was working on previously roughed in trail and smashing rocks into the tread in order to harden the trail. That group also worked on the back slope in many places along that section. The other group pushed ahead and we got around a very rocky turn. We have been finishing the trail as we go. Only that banked turns will be left for later. We also smashed a fair amount of rocks into the tread as we went. We hit a few extra large boulders, but we were able to move them with the Vermeer.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  50.5  12   2/13/2019  Rained out of our big project at Fishburn, too wet for equipment. But it was ok for building trail. Liz and Renee reviewed older sections and flagged some spots that need finish work. Others built and built and built.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  18.3  4   2/10/2019  Colder than we expected today and it really did not warm up much. Even had to cut the day short when the temperature dropped and the sleet started. In the morning the trail was too frozen to do any shaping work on the parts roughed in. So we decided to stay warm by smashing rock to shape the banked turn we have been working on past few work days. We ended up bringing around 4 more loads of rock for the turn. After we got the shape pretty good we worked on the back sloop around there. We want to bring the trail out to put users in the banked turn, so started shaping the back slope to do that. We will need some better dirt for the actual surface of the turn later. Then for second shift we pushed a little further ahead on the trail. It is very slow going due to massive amount of rock and organic all around it. As we go we are actually smashing some of the rock into the trail tread. Once we got out to the lot the sleet had stopped, but better safe than sorry.  Official 
Carvins Cove Trails - multiple  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  11.0  2   2/6/2019  Tom and Hugh met the crew and then went out to cut trees on Songbird, Arrowhead and others.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  60.5  13   2/6/2019  Great turnout, with many travelers home again. Tom and Hugh went out to the lowers to cut trees for Renee. The rest of us utilized the newer, shorter access route. It was warm and we all had a great time, looking at the teepee, building new trail, being in the woods.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  43.8  8   2/3/2019  We had a good turn out today. The weather was great, but the trails and road were very wet. There were a bunch of people using the trails and tearing up the trails. The signs were set to red, but that did not seem to stop these users. Anyway, we were able to get to the work site without damaging anything but the access trail which will be shut down at some point in the next several months once a new one is opened. We split up a little and had two people adding a bunch of rocks to the only banked turn we are working on right now. I think they got all the rocks we will need for that, but some of the rocks still need to be smashed and the turn shaped before the dirt is added. Most of the crew was smashing rocks into the wetter parts of the new sections of trail. We could see how this has already helped from last weeks work. It is a lot of work, but it sure pays off in a very dry trail for the future. We also shaped about 150 foot for back slope. Then in the late afternoon we decided to continue the trail a little further finishing it as we went. I think we got another maybe 60 feet done. Lots of rocks in this area, we went ahead and just smashed a bunch of them into the ground as we went. We are really close to the next ravine now.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  21.0  6   1/30/2019  Tuesday was snow/ice/ and forecast of "dangerous" windchill for Wed, but the hardy persevered. We decided at the parking lot that quitting at noon would be reasonable, as wind would be increasing and we often get cold eating. The wind did steadily increase through the day, but we were generally dressed for it. Guys dug 80' of new trail, Blanche and Liz worked on prepping, cutting out laurel and huckleberries. We all walked out to the next point to see the view of McAfee that is coming up and the teepee/shelter on the ridge. Ron carried out trash and the Swedish knife. There are numerous pretty well defined trails in this area - more than deer.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  12.9  2   1/27/2019  Today we did not have a public workday as I had no idea the state of the fire road or the trail. The road was pretty bad except for the part we worked on a month ago. We need to continue that work. The access trail to Rock-N-Roll was pretty muddy, but Rock-N-Roll was good except for a section of very new trail that was pretty muddy. We walked all the way back to the big rock bridge and there was only a small section right by the bridge that was severally effected by freeze thaw. The part had different clay. Much more red clay. We will need to mix some stone into that clay when we get a chance. We decided to not do it today as we were worried about the trail thawing out more later in the day after we were out there. We decided to continue forward on the trail and to finish anything we start. We did smash some rocks into soft areas of the trial near where we were working. We will do more of that next work day when we have more people. The two of us got tired of rock smashing after several hours. We finished about 100 foot of trail. We even did the back slope. The weather was very nice. On the way out, that fresh section of trail near us had thawed out more and it was really muddy. We really need to smash some rock into it next work day. We were horrified at how many people were out in the afternoon tearing up the trails.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.8  7   1/23/2019  The weather turned out much better than forecast and we even had a few moments of sunshine and warmishness. The new access is a big time saver. The guys did some beautiful edge work and digging; Liz dug out six small pines, Blanche worked on shrubbery. We are trying not to remove duff unless we can get the trail built, as the leaves and duff help so much in keeping the ground not frozen.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  70.5  13   1/9/2019  Great to be over with the holidays and get back out with the crew. Due to the federal govt shutdown, we were not on the Parkway but back at the Cove, working on our current favorite trail. In spite of the forecast of high winds, we found the weather tolerable, at times pleasant, for mid-Jan. Blanche and Liz walked the whole trail, cutting out two trees with handsaws. The rest of the crew started just beyond a big blown down pine near the creek crossing. (We'll get it next time we have a chainsaw.) Great progress up over the saddle and along the side of the ridge. We used a new access point coming out and moved the tool cache. The soil was perfect for trail work.  Official 
Happy Valley Road Repairs  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  36.3  4   12/19/2018  Today was a big road repair day. Got off to a cold start at 24 degrees. Our material and equipment had some freezing issues. But we soon got things going and ended up needing another load of material which Renee ordered and came out to make sure we got it (Thanks Renee). End the end we spread and compacted 38 tons of pug mill stone into the wet areas of the road between the gate and just past the Tunnel road. We all wished we could have gotten further, but I assure you it was not from us not pushing ourselves to the limit. On top of that we even cleaned out some drainages to try to get water to drain off the road better. Thanks a ton (38 actually) to our most dedicated volunteers who all put in a very hard full day of work!!  Official 
Happy Valley Road Repairs  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  9.0  3   12/18/2018  Met gravel truck in morning and directed it trough gate and to the place I had cleaned up earlier for dumping 18.5 tons of 21b pug mill. Then later in day came back out to meet the equipment delivery. Pathfinders is renting a dump trailer and trench compactor. We had issue with battery on the dump trailer and while waiting for repair we worked on the road between Comet and Song Bird. The turn before the culvert was holding water because the drainage ditch was higher than the road. We used the Ditch Witch to clean that out and reshape it. We also spread some of the pug mill and packed it down with the trench roller. It worked pretty good. Once the trailer was fixed we hauled a load of material down the road and spread it in the first muddy area we come to. We used the entire load at just that one 150 foot area. These road repairs will require a lot of material. We will be back first thing in the morning and Renee will try to get some more material on the way.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  34.2  6   12/7/2018  Finally a day we can actually do tread finishing work! So we took advantage of that most of the day. We decided to get some more dirt out of our dirt mine one last day before closing it. It has pretty much turned into a rock mine anyway. We used the dirt to do finishing touches on about 400 foot of trail. Then we closed down the dirt mine and naturalized it and the access trail to it. Then we moved our staging area about 1500 foot down the trail. We did some naturalizing work in the old staging area to make it look like we have not been camping out there all summer. We have actually found some really nice dirt in the areas where we are roughing in new trail and will be able to access the dirt we need as we go for awhile at least until we get into the next steep ravine. This should save us a lot of time.  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  63.3  13   12/5/2018  Ahhh. The blessing of ten degrees warmer. The early birds began with picking up trash and tires near the roads. After safety and review of QC, crew walked in and got to work. Stew and Ron redid the rocks at the creek crossing. Lots of grubbing to get greenbrier out of the trail.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.5  1   12/3/2018  Rode my bike out to work on Rock-N-Roll. Pushed ahead with building new trail. Moved some dirt from below the trail to make sure the trail tread is much higher than the ground below the trail so we have great drainage. We will get a bit more dirt and naturalize the area next workday. Getting close to next ravine.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  31.1  6   12/2/2018  Today was really wet. We could not do tread finishing work. We were able to do backslope work and finished some pretty tall backslope for about 200 feet. There were a huge amount of rocks in there and we hauled all those to a new banked turn we just started. We spent some time clearing out deep organic where we are putting the turn and before dumping in the rocks. We have a lot more rocks to add. Later in the day we built some more trial I hate to say roughed in, as we did everything but finishing the backslope. This is a very rocky section and we sorted out a huge number of medium sized rocks. We harvested dirt right from a few drainage areas just below the trail and we naturalized those areas right away when we were done with them. Much easier to do this way. Because the ground was very soft, we will have to do a little more shaping of the tread, but we have plenty of clean sorted clay already in place and very close to the right shape. Just some track marks to deal with later.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  2.8  1   11/29/2018  I rode my bike out to do a little work on Rock-N-Roll. I roughed in some more trail. Maybe only 15 feet, but it was very rocky and lots of organic to sort out. Also blew the leaves off for some distance ahead to inspect the route up to the next ravine which is pretty close now. It is extremely rocky in this whole area.  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  54.0  11   11/28/2018  Frigid, frigid, frigid. A hardy crew to show up on a windy day when the temperature is close to 20. Started at Sha-al/Rutrough and worked back toward Hogan. Tom and Roger cut out down trees (left leaning ones as instructed). Dave et al started in the jungle near the powerline and dug the connection to Sha-al. Then we moved steadily on, raking, lopping briers, digging duff, more in some places than others. Ron worked on the crossing through the rocks. Good progress on an unpleasant day. Hand warmers sure help.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  21.8  4   11/25/2018  Today, the dirt was pretty wet, so we could not do finishing work on the trail tread. Instead we roughed in more trail. This is good because the way we are roughing in the trail, it will be very quick to do the finishing work. I am counting 1-3 smaller banked turns to build on the long section between the access trail and where we are now. With all the rock we have found while roughing in the trail and piled up, we should be good with materials. We roughed in 120 ft of trail today. We also greased the Vermeer. After trail work I installed a new trail light on our tilt trailer that I broke about a month ago.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.3  5   11/23/2018  It was below freezing when we started today. But it warmed up to around 40. The ground had not frozen much luckily. We did a bunch of work on the back slope above the trial. We shaped it and naturalized it. We also naturalized around three banked turns. Some of this naturalization was positioned in order to get users to use the part of the trail we want them to use for sustainability. We spent some time added several loads of clay to the banked turn just past the toolboxes. Lots of the organic piles around the trail all the way up to the access trail were used up and flattened out to match existing landscape.  Official 
Murray Run Greenway - Trail Repair  Roanoke City  33.5  11   11/20/2018  Continuation of efforts to rebuild Murray Run Greenway through Fishburn Park. Installing base, stone, and compacting.  Official 
Murray Run Greenway - Trail Repair  Roanoke Greenways - ROA_City_P&R  43.0  9   11/19/2018  This work day was organized to repair damage from Hurricane Michael. The trail in Fishburn Park was totally blown out. Renee had ballast stone and 21A, but it was in the parking lot and the worst areas were down near the bridge. Laborious amount of shoveling rock, carrying it in buckets, Canycom, City Ditchwith. Compactor belt broke at one point, but luckily Ed had tools and was able to replace the belts that Chuck got from the hardware. Need more machines on this project.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  35.6  7   11/18/2018  First thing we did today was to shutdown and naturalize the old access trail to the big rock bridge. It seems that very few people are using it now, so it was a good time to go ahead and close it down giving a chance for more leaves to fall on it without being smashed down. Then we went on out to continue building the trail. We worked on the back slope from the toolboxes back in any spot that needed work. We did a bunch of naturalizing of the areas around the trail. We are very near finished with everything up to the toolboxes. Just a little more touch up in a few spots needed. We also naturalized an old rock mining area we had put off closing down. But now we are way past that area and will not need it anymore. We spent a lot of time packing the clay down and shaping two banked turns. We narrowed the trail down in several areas to entice the users to what we think is the best and most sustainable part of the trail.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  66.5  11   11/14/2018  We worked from the creek to the big pine near the ridge, cleared to the saddle. High water had come through, so there was some reshuffling at the creek crossing. Stew and Liz reworked the banked turn to give it a wider radius. John worked on filling sections just before the creek. Others dug new trail up the steep side hill. Blanche and Liz walked out the older part, two trees that couldn't be removed. A City crew had worked on naturalizing the steep hill on Hotel.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.8  1   11/14/2018  Rode my bike out to work on the trail. Did work on the back slope of trail we roughed in many months ago, but the back slope was too steep. Also taking this opportunity to narrow down and fine tune the shape of the trail. Did a little bit of naturalizing, but much more needed.   Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  21.5  4   11/11/2018  It was below freezing in the morning. But it quickly warmed up a bit. Since the ground was pretty hard, we started with using the Vermeer to break up the ground to rough some trail in. We did our normal sorting of organic and large rocks out from the clay. We just want clay and small rocks left for the trail tread. In the afternoon the ground was thawed enough for us to mine some dirt and cover the rock banked turn and add some dirt to improve the back slope of the trail and narrow down the trail a little. Proper back slope helps the water sheet across the trail better. We can also use it to position people on the part of the trail we want them to use. In this case to push them onto the banked turn so they are not turning in the drainage area. We plan to naturalize these back slopes later after we are sure the final shape is good.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.0  1   11/8/2018  Rode my bike out to do a little trail building. Just worked on roughing in new trail. Using the Vermeer to turn over the dirt and then the fire rake to sort through it and remove the organic material and large rocks. Raking the dirt into the shape we want for the trail tread.  Official 
Explore Park  Roanoke County  49.0  12   11/7/2018  Continued the sign installation and finished all the County had for us. Started by doing all the post trimming in the storage area and then loading to vehicles from there. Blanche and Shannon did the running around with the Witch. The hardest was carrying the post half mile out the yellow trail; the Witch was a huge help with hole digging on the others. Beautiful day. Alex North, Co. staff, was a great help as before.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.2  1   11/7/2018  Rode my bike out and roughed in a little more trail. Lots of rocks and roots to sort through in order to end up with nice compactable clay. A few people came out on their bikes to where I was working and talked for awhile. They said how much they liked the trail.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  30.7  6   11/4/2018  Today we searched for and collected around 10 cannycoms full of large rocks in the 100-500lb range to use as back support for the latest banked turn. This is a big one that is needed to adjust the location of a turn on the trail in order to prevent an outside turn in a drainage area. We then added more small rocks to shape the turn. Had to smash some of them. Then we worked on extending the roughed in length of the trail while sorting the rocks and organic material as we went.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  None  3.0  1   11/2/2018  Renee and Mary Lou borrowed our Ditch Witch to work on Kerncliff. After filling it with gas, they couldn't get it to start. Shannon hiked in from the red barn, fixed it, and helped them get it out in the pouring rain.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  35.0  10   11/1/2018  Today was a GE Software Team building event. We all rode bikes out to the trail work. Actually we started at 9am. But we rode several trails before getting to the work site so I didn't count that time as trail work time. We ate lunch on the rock bridge on Rock-N-Roll then started our trail work portion of the event. We split up into small teams. One team was gathering rocks from the piles on the side of the trail we sorted out during roughing in trail the last several weeks. They hauled these to the big banked turn we are working on near the toolboxes. They smashed some of the bigger ones to pack them into the shape of the banked turn. Had another team smashing small rocks into the trail bed in a wet drainage area to firm up the trail. Had a large team shaping the back slope into a more sustainable and good looking shape over at least 400 feet. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. Good mix of riding and trail work.  Official 
Explore Park  Roanoke County  56.0  12   10/31/2018  Trail Sign Installation. A glorious fall day, lots of help, vehicles to carry things, great fun. Shannon and Roger pre-dug the holes with the Ditch Witch, which certainly made the cleaning out easy. They got in the most hiking. The others split into 3 crews with three vehicles, going to assigned spots to install posts and signs. Scott Ramsburg (staff)had a great system with signs well organized, and he ran around in the 4 wheeler providing direction and support services. Alex North (staff)helped one crew, and Wayne Wilcox (staff) painted blazes. We installed all the posts that were available (15); more next week with a little more hiking. So nice to have Eddie out with us!  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  3.2  1   10/31/2018  Rode my bike out to do a little trail work mid day. roughed in more trail and moved some of the bigger rocks I uncovered to the banked turn we are building as supporting base rocks. Had some issues with giant rocks that would not budge. Had to build around those. Moved the trail down the hill just a bit to avoid them as their shape and position was not going to be good for the trail surface. Lots of organic material to sort out of the trail corridor along with huge amount of rocks made for slow going process.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  4.0  1   10/30/2018  Rode out to build a little more trial. Started by compacting a few new banked turns with the hand tamper. They had a few tracks after all the rain. Wanted to harden them up a little with compacting. When my arms got tired of that, I switched to positioning two ~800 lb rocks we found Sunday. They will be support rocks for a big banked turn. I gave up trying to move them by hand and got the Vermeer's help. I wanted to flip them and could not do that by myself without the machine. After I got the rocks positioned, I continued to rough in more trail. Sorting out lots of rocks and organic mats for later use.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  26.8  5   10/28/2018  Today we filled in the backslope on a very steep section of trial where we had to cut into it to get through. Also now that we have a retaining wall and banked turn we can narrow back down the trail and have great drainage. We will naturalize this soon and blend it into the original slope. We did a lot of packing of the material. Then we continued roughing in new trail and collecting rocks. We moved several big rocks to the location of our next banked turn. This is what will be one of two banked turns by our tool boxes. These turns are being installed so that users will turn in the banked turn and go straight through the drainage area instead of doing an outside turn in the drainage area.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  8.5  2   10/25/2018  Today Rich and I rode our bikes out to work on building the trail. On the way we cut a 20 inch diameter fallen tree off the trail with a hand saw. This took about 20 minutes. Then we went out to the construction area and finished a banked turn that had the rock foundation already laid. We added about 8 cannycom full of clay and rocks to finish it off. We had to sort the material, shape and pack it all down with hand tampers. Very rocky mix of clay was hard to work with.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  55.0  11   10/24/2018  A big final spurt to reach the creek before we take a break and head to Explore Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The creek is the 1/2 way point, one mile of trail built. Tom went out ahead, cutting for next time. May need to add some dirt to the banked turn and rock wall going down to the creek.   Official 
Read Mountain  Roanoke County  6.0  2   10/23/2018  Roger and Blanche volunteered to hike in to remove a huge fallen pine near the intersection of Buzzards Rock Trail and the top of Crossover Trail. Users had already made a trail around it. They got the tree, but reported significant wear and erosion on the rock steps, leaving very high risers.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  33.5  6   10/21/2018  Good sized crew for the morning. Had Gerry making one good wheelbarrow out of two. Took the wheel from a flimsy one and put on the stronger one. Hauled out and disposed of the other one. Steve and Rex worked on making a soil base for our next banked turn on a very steep side hill. Ron and I worked on roughing in more trail and sorting out the rocks for a banked turn further back on the trail. Gerry came and helped once the wheelbarrow was done. We then hauled huge base rocks over to put on the base Steve and Rex made. I think one of the rocks was 1500 lbs and the other 1000. Then we had a few baby 300 lb ones. We had to slowly pry bar the big ones into place and even use the come-a-long a few times because of very steep side how did not allow us to get a good footing or pry area. Then we continued the roughing in of trail and sorting out of rocks and organic material saving each in piles for later. Then after everyone else left I finished the banked turn further back on the trail. That brings us to the tool boxes are far at trail tread goes. We have a bit of back slope and naturalizing back there, but not much. The roughing in was going pretty fast and the result will not take too much more work to finish.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  48.0  8   10/17/2018  Working steadily from the bee tree, around the head of the holler, out the nose toward the creek crossing.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  5.0  5   10/10/2018  Well, we tried, but the rain that was supposed to arrive at noon came in early. Dave got in all the way, but the rest retreated in the thickening drizzle and just cleared out leaves etc on Hotel while walking back.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  18.3  3   10/6/2018  The goal today was to finish the creek crossing turn where we had smashed tons of rock and the creek was flowing through all the rock. We wanted a dirt trail there instead of a bunch of fist sized rocks. But we didn't want the dirt to filter through the rocks and clog the flow of the stream. So we put down silt fence material to keep the soil out of the rocks. We did smash another 4 loads of rock over the area before putting down the material. Then we covered the material with a lot of clay. This clay had a lot of rocks in it, so we sorted through the dirt and used the rocks at the interfaces between fabric and clay.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  66.0  12   10/3/2018  October already and still hot. Liz finally showed up with some popsicles, first time all summer. Stew, Frank and Ben built a rock crossing at the next creek. Blanche raked that far. Trail digging almost done to the bee tree.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  45.5  8   9/26/2018  Smallish crew today. Headed downhill from the saddle. Blanche and Liz cleared the way as far as the big pine tree. Encountered some yellow jackets and emptied the spray can on them multiple times. Almost too wet, even for hand digging.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  12.8  3   9/23/2018  It rained a lot the night before this workday. So the ground was too wet to do trail finishing work. We had to just do trail rough in work. we roughed in around 30 foot of trail. It was very rocky and we collected the rock and moved to the location of our next banked turn we are building. We had a stump with big tap root to deal with. We used rope winch and pulleys to help rip it out.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  10.3  2   9/22/2018  Today was an impromptu work day because I had someone that wanted to help out and all I needed was a small crew since we had to spend time bringing the Vermeer from part way up the 1000ft climb fire road, back to Rock-N-Roll. Then we mined some good clay and did a bunch of tread finishing work in places that needed a little more dirt. The clay had just the right moisture content and a nice mix of small rocks. We made it out of there before it rained.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  60.0  11   9/19/2018  Quick sweep of the bridge and Hotel, as we had seen the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Not much impact. Then back to digging trail. Got beyond the saddle.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  None  16.0  2   9/15/2018  Worked on Ditch Witch over several days. First day we took the machine over to Matt's garage and took the worn tracks off and checked all the track area bearings. We found 3 idle wheels on left side needed new bearings. Also the left side tension wheel bearings and axle were totally shot and the wheel was not round anymore. Probably all due to too much tension. We decided to go ahead and replace both drive sprockets even though they did not look near as bad as last time we changed them. We cleaned everything up. Then I ordered the parts and Matt removed the sprockets from the drive motors and bearings from the idle wheels. After the parts came in, we put it all back together and put the new tracks on and tensioned to specifications. We also changed the oil. Matt fixed the arm control handle that was crooked. Then we worked on the attachment levers that were all rusted and hard to operate. While doing that we noticed the lower bushing on the tilt cylinder was totally gone. We took the pin out and found it badly damaged from operation without bushing. I ordered new parts and now waiting for them to arrive. Oh, and we also had to replace the 7 year old battery that would not hold a charge.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Road Maintenance  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  62.5  10   9/12/2018  Road maintenance week. Worked ditches, cleaned culverts, cut saplings along the road near Buck. Renee used DW for grading and cleaning.  Official 
Brushy Mountain Road Maintenance  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  24.0  3   9/11/2018  Shannon brought his tractor to help Renee with maintenance of the road from Four Gorge down. He used the bucket to clean ditches and dragged the road with the blade. Renee went on with the City's Ditch Witch and Marylou Legg worked ditches.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  28.3  5   9/9/2018  It was wet out there today. I guess it had rained a bit at night and then it was misty much of the day. Had to bring the trailer in today in order to move the Vermeer to another location after the workday in order for others to do some road work on the mountain next week. So logistics were tricky today with parking and unloading and such. I wanted to do some finishing work with mined clay. However it was too wet to work with. So we moved to the banked turn near tool boxes where we piled all the stone and brick in the past. We knew we could use wetter dirt there. As we added some loads of dirt, I actually was able to dig to some drier dirt as we went. Later in the day I used the 6 way blade to finish some previously roughed in trail. The afternoon crew did some back slope shaping and naturalizing.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  66.5  13   9/5/2018  We are moving along. Quote of the day: "having a big crew is more efficient than having a machine." Reached the saddle. Just standing there, looking down into the next big flat, which must have been a field at some point, you just feel like you have gotten somewhere! Renee and Shannon went off exploring options for next week. Ben came back. Still hot and muggy.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  25.5  5   9/2/2018  Today we started by cutting a big tree out of the trail near the big stone bridge. It was very large and we tried to move the cut pieces away from near the edge of the trail. Then we went to the place where we had added a whole bunch of sandy soil to get a trail in on a very steep side slope. This was holding pretty well, but had some erosion lines. We filled in the erosion area with some good clay from a new dirt mine and packed it in. Then we naturalized on top of that and hope that that will hold. Then we moved on to adding clay to a banked turn that was started a few months ago. By the time we were done today, that turn was almost done. But after it has set for a week we will see what is needed to fully finish it. Oh, yeah, about an hour today was wasted on a serious yellow jacket infestation of a naturalizing pile. We had to get by the pile today, so some effort was made to move them without a whole lot of success. But nobody got stung today while passing the pile :)  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  74.0  14   8/29/2018  So nice to have a big crew, with lots back from vacations. Welcome Ben Rogers, who is trying us out. Love having Jim Lewis back. The crew dug way on toward the saddle, Tom and Shannon cut trees into the beyond, Renee and Liz tied down the flagging the rest of the way to Hi Dee Ho.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  27.2  5   8/26/2018  Today we finished the banked turn extension near the beginning of Rock-N-Roll trail. This was the last of the improvement projects we went back to do in that area. We moved the equipment back down to where we are extending the trail for next weeks work. Today was mostly spent naturalizing the area all around that turn and the area where we harvested clay. At the end of workday I went and got non-ethanol gas for the equipment at a station on Apperson. I put the ethanol gas from the cans into the truck.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  None  2.0  1   8/24/2018  Took Pathfinder truck in for inspection and an oil change. Had to wait awhile. Then tried to get ethanol free gas, but failed and ended up getting two cans full of 10% ethanol after the clerk told my it did not have ethanol. I notice the pump said it did and then when paying another clerk said they did not have it anymore. Our equipment is getting gunked up from that ethanol junk.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  10.0  2   8/24/2018  I took a vacation day from work due to great weather. Rich agreed to come out with me in the morning. I did send out an email that night and posted on FB that night, but got no other takers. The weather was wonderful, felt like Fall. We started by taking some dirt a little way down the trial to the two rock garden areas and just did a little patching for entry and exit bumps and a few cracks parallel to the trail. Only took one trip with canycom of clay, but we did spend a lot of time packing the dirt well. Then we went back to finishing the big banked turn we have been working on the last few work days. We were able to complete all the dirt work. Now we just need to do the naturalizing of the turn and then shut down the clay mine and naturalize the area. Then we will be back to working on the end of the trail next week.  Official 
Horse Trail  Explore Park  10.0  4   8/23/2018  In cooperation with the County, we had a short work morning to clear the future Roanoke River Greenway location between the future parking lot on Highland and the landfill service road. This section is in the woods. The County is bush hogging open areas in the future parking lot and a route around the fields visible from Roanoke River Parkway. The goal is to have several miles of trail that Reba Farms can use for equestrian rides. Beautiful clear cool morning.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  42.0  9   8/22/2018  Wow. Cool air. And Blanche missed it. Got on around the turn and headed in the ridge (vs out the ridge) toward the saddle.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  31.3  5   8/19/2018  Today we continued the improvements near the beginning of the trail. We only worked on the big banked turn that we are extending to encompass must of the turn in order to move the drainage around 25 foot to a more straight section of trail. In order to get the right slope for drainage we had to raise the whole banked turn quite a lot. This took lots of material. We had to get creative in the dirt mine in order to mix the wet clay with drier clay. The dry clay was hard to come by. In the process we hit much more rock than we did clay. Normally we might be pretty happy to find so much rock, but the crew is getting a little tired of smashing rock I think. However that is what we did with the excess rock. We kept smashing the rocks into the clay all around the turn. This will make for a much harder trail which will hold up better. It is just a lot of work. On a positive note it is also good exercise. We are mostly done, but will need to add a little more dirt next work day. We will have to naturalize the clay mine before moving on.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  47.0  9   8/15/2018  Crew got around the corner at the nose. Now right at the shortcut to get out.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  18.9  4   8/12/2018  The forecast was not great for today. We put up the tarp and during 2nd shift we needed it. First shift got out dry. We started by adding around 4 Canycom loads of clay over a large root that had been exposed below a drainage. We really built it up to last longer. We cleaned the sand out of around 7 drainages in that area. Then we focused the rest of the day on the last project in that area which is extending a banked turn and moving the drainage to a more straight section of trail. People had been sliding out on this turn and sliding into the drainage. We added a bunch of rocks to support the turn and raise up the area. We added about 6 loads of clay and packed it in. We did not get very far on the afternoon shift before the rain cut loose. We were hoping for a short storm as we waited under the tarp. Turned out of rain quite a lot and it was too muddy to play in the dirt anymore. We moved some large rocks using a rock net and then decided to leave before more rain hit. We have around another days worth of work to finish this up.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R   57.0  12   8/8/2018  Crew worked steadily along with the sidehill, trying hard to avoid yellow jackets. Renee and Liz pin flagged to the teepee and the far steep drainage.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  16.0  4   8/2/2018  Extra day to finish 7 more steps to make a run of 13 to get down the hill from the #7 tee. Thanks to Shawn Sorrells for hauling stone to fill the steps and running after one more board.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  85.0  21   8/1/2018  Roanoke County offered a Pathfinders appreciation lunch at Explore Park, so we planned a half day of work at Mayflower. Shawn had installed a few new baskets and use patterns were showing some problem areas. Thus we broke into four small teams. Stew and Eddie finished the toe kick on the #5 bridge, and then helped Roger's crew by hauling rocks for the steps. Bob and Jim O. did the lower leg of the new trail to the new blue basket at #4; Blanche, Ron and Liz did the upper leg. Dave and Jimbo tied them together with a fan of 5 log steps. Roger, Frank, Bud and John put in 6 steps before our lunch - exactly what Roger had predicted. Many, many thanks to those four and Shawn for coming back on Thursday, ignoring the forecast and radar, and finishing up seven more steps for a total of 13. At noon we all headed to Explore Park Visitor Center where we were treated to lunch and gift bags from the County, plus sunshine instead of the forecasted deluge. After lunch, Scott and Alex provided a choice of a driving or walking tour of the new camping facilities. Many thanks to the County!  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.8  6   7/29/2018  Today the weather was great. A little cooler than July. There was a threat of rain 50%, so we put up the tarp early. Not even a hint of the predicted rain in the afternoon. We finished the naturalizing on the sections we worked on last week. We noted that they held up very well after all the rain we had. We must have done a good enough job packing the dirt. Then we worked on the armored turn that so many people have been bypassing. We rerouted the trail on one side to give much better flow. We cleaned out all the gaps in the rocks and filled with clay to smooth them out some and since little water flows over this, we hope it will be OK. We raised the level of the trail on both sides to make smoother entry and exit from the rocks. Then we did a creative natural looking blocking of the short cut people were doing. Now that we made the main route flow well and smoother, we expect nobody will miss the short cut. Did a whole lot of packing of the new raised tread.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  45.0  11   7/25/2018  Muggyyyyy. This was a wet day beginning to end. The morning was so muggy that everyone had steamy glasses and had to wonder around blind. Bud brought his weedeater and cut out huckleberries to the next saddle. Liz and Renee fine-tuned flags. Others dug trail. Shannon and Ron both got stung. The thunder started just before 12:30 (as predicted), but gave no waiting around time. Everyone was drenched by the time they got to the cars.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  25.5  4   7/22/2018  Today the weather was threatening to rain, so we set up a tarp just in case. It didn't rain at all. The dirt was a little wet from last night's rain. So it was sticking to our packing tools. We finished all the filling in around the rocks. We were doing around 800 lb loads of dirt in cannycom and we did around 12 loads. We spent a lot of time sorting out the organic material and packing in layers. We started on the naturalizing of the area and got most of that done. Have a little more to do on that next time. We still have a banked turn to extend and a armored crossing to realign the flow on so people ride over the rocks instead of around them.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  59.0  11   7/18/2018  Shannon and Stew finished the wall, as Bud and Liz widened the trail and brought down the material to use for fill. Others continued digging on out the ridge. Blanche ran into some yellow jackets and got stung once.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  31.7  6   7/15/2018  Back to the hot days. We have moved back to the beginning of the trail to do a few improvements while we had the machine out. There are two banked turns that we are making flow better which means extending and adding lots of dirt. We are also adding dirt in where the dirt had pulled away from some rocks making for bigger step ups than designed. So it is moving rocks and dirt. Spreading the dirt and sorting out organic material. Then a bunch of packing in layers and repeat. We seem to have a pretty good supply of dirt and rocks in the area.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  76.8  14   7/11/2018  We split into two groups. One group was up ahead continuing to dig trail. The other group was back at the first creek crossing to fix a route around the big hickory roots. The decision was to build a retaining wall and build the trail up over the lower roots. Shannon and Frank were the rock layers. Bud, Liz, Renee and Tom were the rock fetchers. Many rocks had already been used on the other wall, so the fetchers were going far afield, or rather far upstream. Tom got stung about a dozen times and headed out after taking some Benadryl. Both crews were thankful when the thunder started up around 2:00, as the black clouds made good reason to call it a day.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  68.3  13   7/8/2018  The weather was perfect and we had a large turn out! Another week without the Vermeer (at least for most of day) So all hand work. We split into teams. We got a whole bunch of naturalizing done. We also reshaped a lot of back slope to not be as steep to hold up better. We worked on a banked turn that just had some unsorted dirt piled up. All the dirt needed to have the organics sorted out and shaped into the turn. Eventually that team actually went to clay mine and dug around 5000 lbs of dirt out by hand to add to the turn. More will be needed, but that was a good start. Some trail tread had finishing hand shaping done. Later in the day we drove out to pick up the trailer and then the Vermeer from my garage where it got lots of new parts and tracks. Then we took it in through an old access point up Arrowhead where we need to mine some clay to better shape some areas for better flow. We opened up the mine and will be ready to move some dirt next workday. I think we will have several workdays to finish the work in that area before moving back to the end of the trail. The Vermeer is back in great working shape.   Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Vermeer  20.0  1   7/7/2018  Worked on Vermeer over many days. Replaced drive sprockets, but had issues with them not fitting correctly. They were sticking out 1/4 inch past the centerline of track path. I ended up grinding the area between where the sprocket connects to hub (both new parts). Got it to 1/8 inch and decided that was good enough. Installed new left side tension wheel and fork. Installed new right rear idle wheel (had to cut frame to make new wheel design fit). Changed oil and filter. Cleaned and greased machine. Included cleaning of cooling fins and air cleaner. Installed and tensioned the new tracks.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  14.0  2   6/30/2018  Today was hot, so I know that is why some didn't want to work. So only had Steve in the morning and then in afternoon I did naturalizing by myself. We were able to finish the banked armored turn that we have worked on for around 4 work days. Today was some trail tread work on the entry and exit areas. We also added some large rocks to discourage short cutting and to look good. We smashed up remaining rocks all around the perimeter. Then a bunch of duff was hauled to area from down by toolbox area where there is a huge pile. There is a little bit more naturalizing to do, but it is looking pretty good right now.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Vermeer  2.0  1   6/27/2018  Matt returned the bucket after he re-welded the corners of the mounting plate that was pulling through the back of the bucket. He also welded on some extra duty support pieces to try to prevent further damage in the future. He then painted all the spots he had worked on.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  45.0  11   6/27/2018  Forecast of rain, but we planned for a half day. Turned out to be nice and not quite as hot. Got beyond the second crossing and on out the ridge  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  38.5  7   6/24/2018  Today we worked on the armored banked turn just past the rock ledge step up. We added 6 large rocks. 3 to both ends. We then adjusted all rocks for best fit and then started smashing rocks into the ground all around the big rocks in order to make things solid and offer good drainage. We worked on the tread on both ends to make it merge better with the rock turn. We still have some more to do on that and filling the gaps around the rocks. we will then naturalize and try to prevent any short cutting of the turn as happened on another turn earlier on the trail. It will be much rougher to short cut on this turn. Also added some more rocks to the down stream side of creek past bridge to prevent undercutting of the bridge and to try to get water to eventually flow through both sides of bridge again by slowing it down and spreading it out. More naturalizing was done between bridge and the turn we were working on. Have a little more to do. It was muggy hot today which slowed us down a bit.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  56.5  10   6/20/2018  Getting to the second drainage crossing, with Blanche stuck in the leaves of the second branch of the second crossing. Liz and Blanche dug them all out and made a huge pile for future naturalizing. Bud ahead on the weedeater to cut through the huckleberries. hot  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  24.5  5   6/17/2018  Only worked first shift today because nobody wanted to work in the afternoon due to heat. We mostly broke into two teams. One team first worked on adding some rocks to a place under the big bridges that had gotten a little undercut from the huge flow we had in the last few weeks and also trying to get the flow to go through both side of the larger bridge. Then that team moved on to naturalizing just past the bridge. The other team worked on the next armored crossing just past the bridge. We had to drill and cut the last big rock and then position the 4 pieces. We had to remove quite a bit of dirt to get the rocks to fit correctly. We have been moving the excess dirt over to the next banked turn we will work on. Next work day we will add a few more pieces of rock to this crossing.   Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Vermeer  3.3  2   6/13/2018  Matt came over to pick up the bucket to take to his garage for welding plates onto the week corners where the attachment plate welds were pulling through the bucket metal. We then tried to put a new sprocket on the other side of the machine. But it also stood out 1/4 inch past track center line. I have been trying to resolve the issue with the part supplier. They seem to have changed their supplier recently. Also discovered that we should change the right side rear guide wheel as it is out of round and it is sitting at an angle that could effect track wear and ability for track to stay on. Finally got the bearing out of the tension wheel. But could not get the bearings off the axle. So will order an axle also.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  73.0  13   6/13/2018  I've been workin' on the railroad, all the live long day. Working on around the hill to the big pine.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Vermeer  5.8  2   6/12/2018  I barrowed a gear puller from Advanced Auto. With a lot of force and some banging with a hammer, we finally got one of the sprockets off. Then put one of the new ones on. Unfortunately it did not fit correctly. It stuck out 1/4 inch past the centerline of all the other track guides. We tried all sorts of things to seat it further including the removal of the shaft key. Nothing helped. Also worked on trying to get the bearings out of the tension wheel, but they were really stuck in there. It took a long time just to remove the dust caps and snap rings.  Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Vermeer  3.5  1   6/10/2018  After trail work today I started working on the Vermeer in my garage. First step was to jack the whole machine up as I wanted to work on both sides. The machine is too heavy for my car jack (only does 1/4 of car). I had to supplement with hydraulic jack which I first had to fix. I got both tracks off without too much work. Then I started trying to remove a sprocket. First the cotter pin was very hard to remove. Then the giant 1.5 inch nut (biggest socket I had). I tried to pull the sprocket and broke my pulley puller as the arms were not strong enough. I will need to see about buying a better one or renting one. Lastly I checked all track roller bearings and found the left tensioner one was going bad. Spent some time trying to remove the dust cover before giving up for the night. I drilled it out the next morning only to discover my Craftsman snap ring remover was too wimpy for the next task to get to bearings. It seems I need some bigger tools.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  15.3  3   6/10/2018  Today started out with nice weather. We worked on armoring a banked turn with huge rocks. The first step was to cut one of the rocks into two 500 lb pieces. So we drilled and split the rock. We dug out a place for it and then slowly levered the rock to where needed. We realized we wanted to swap the place of the two parts to match up better and once we got one on top of the other in the switch...the sky opened up and for the next 45 minutes while we were packing up and walking out we got totally drenched. I think we got about an inch of rain during that time and water was flowing everywhere. I was shocked to see people arriving at the lot with bikes. However, later I found out that it had not even rained in parts of Roanoke. Wow! So people had no idea how bad the trails were. Hopefully they turned around when they found out... This week was the final drawing to win a part of the $70 the mountain bikers gave us. This week it was $10 and I won it.   Official 
Equipment Maintenance  Kessler Mill  22.5  3   6/9/2018  Today Rich and I drove up to Harrisonburg to pickup our new trailer. This is a custom 4.5 foot wide tilt trailer with 7,000 lb axle. This will allow us to go down narrow fire roads with our Vermeer skid steer in tow. Once we got back in town, we picked up Cindy and went out to collect the Vermeer from the Rock-N-Roll work site. We had to limp it out as it was missing two drive lugs on the left track and the track barely stayed on. We took the machine to my house for repair and then went and picked up the new tracks and sprockets from storage.   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  52.5  9   6/6/2018  Great start with Blanche's cherry cobbler first thing. Beautiful weather with cool temperatures early. Great trail progress starting up from the creek. It sure helps to be able to stand up and to have terrain not quite so steep.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  65.5  12   5/23/2018  Great progress on the steep side hill. Got almost to the creek.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  11.3  2   5/20/2018  Today we got a late start because we were helping the GCC church on Peters Creek Rd with a trail build project they are working on. They wanted some guidance. Then we headed over to the Rock-N-Roll. We were not sure how the road or trail would be. It was not as terrible as I thought it might be. One culvert was stopped up and water was flowing across the road. But the trails certainly should have not been used and there were a bunch of people out using them. Glad we didn't see anyone come by us on Rock-N-Roll while we were out there. We were very limited on what we could work on as the ground was too wet. We ended up closing down one of the dirt mines furthest back on the trail. It took us most of the day to naturalize as the ground was heavy. We had to do it by hand as we lost another lug from the Vermeer tracks and now two in a row are gone. Now I don't know if we will be able to get the machine out or not. We could not take it down the trail today as it is too wet and we don't want to damage what we have finished. We worked a little on the area where we are going to do the next armoring project in a drainage. This was the first time we had significant flow in it and we did not like the direction of the water. There is a huge rock diverting the water on the downhill side and we don't want to move it 5000lb at least. We worked a little on correcting that to get water to flow around it and getting it ready for the armoring rocks. I think we are going to end up cutting the biggest armor rocks so we have more cracks for the water to flow through and they will be easier to move. Maybe down to 200-300lb pieces. They are over 1000lb now. Wish we would have cut them more before moving them uphill a few months ago which would have made that easier.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  40.8  7   5/13/2018  It was a very hot day ~95 and humid too. I wanted to tap out the sandy clay mine and close it down. So we harvested around 10 more loads to use on reducing the slope below a section of half bench trail. We didn't use many rocks below this section of sandy clay and I was afraid it might not hold up without some more backing. When we naturalize this on another work day, it should look pretty good and hold up well. Then we shut down the dirt harvesting site by first pulling down as much saved organic material that could be reached around all the rock obstacles and steep banks using the Vermeer. Then the rest was done by hand. The access trail was also naturalized. Rich did most of the hand work on this and it looked great when he was done. We also reduced the height of a steeper section of trail and made it flow better. We took the dirt and used it in the banked turn at the bottom which raised the bottom of the slope and provided a place to get the turning done before the drainage section so that trail users will be going straight through the drainage instead of doing an outside turn in it. We harvested more dirt from the best dirt mine over near the huge rock bridge. We are going to shut that down next work day probably and then we can armor the drainage over there. The bad news for today is that another steel lug fell out of a track on the Vermeer. I was going to bolt it back on next work day (like I did with another one), but somehow I ended up loosing it. We kept using the machine without it, but you have to really baby the track when it is missing a lug. It is a good way to learn to be gentle on the tracks. The good news is that our new tracks came in. But I want to wait for our new trailer to bring the machine out to replace the sprockets and tracks. This weekend Bill won the $20 drawing.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  67.5  12   5/9/2018  Finally May is here. Beautiful day, starting in the 50s and warming up, with clear blue sky and lots of warblers singing. We started the day with a celebration of Tom's new truck, rebuilt by Shannon. Yeah!!!! Proceeded to our trail for steep, steep sidehill digging. Stew and Shannon built the wall and approach to the creek crossing, with Hugh and Liz providing rocks. Blanche out ahead preparing for next week. So good to have Eddie and Hugh out today, and of course all the rest of us.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  32.3  5   5/6/2018  Today the forecast was 60% chance of rain like yesterday and it did not rain like yesterday. We had a tarp set up just in case we needed to take cover during a downpour. We started the day collecting rocks from the access trail to make it better for bringing machines in and out, and also because we needed rock. We added these to the high banked turn we have been working on. After 4 loads of rock we had enough. We did pull one more huge rock out of the trail right near the turn and it ended up being around 1000 lbs. We decided to smash it up to use on the turn. Randy was out biking and joined us for trail building fun. Him and Rich smashed that huge rock into baseball size pieces. I did some finishing work with Vermeer. Then we all worked on trail shaping and we even put in an insloped turn and some grade reversals. We started on another insloped turn. We also started covering the rocks in the big banked turn with sandy clay. We will finish with good clay later. Steve won the $20 from the drawing today.  Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  60.8  11   5/2/2018  Continued the new trail. Wow it was hot - 50 degree swing in temperature. Got to the steep sidehill going into the first hollow.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  47.8  9   4/29/2018  Great turn out today. Also great weather. The fire road was pretty muddy. We roughed in some more trail so that we could harvest some more rocks and prep more for the May 5th work day where we will have a large group that will be harvesting rock from the hillside above the trail and piling them right above the trail. Today we hauled most of the rock to a banked turn a ways back on the trail. We also put some more on the nearby drainage. In both places most of the rocks needed to be smashed. Some dirt dug out of the near drainage area was moved and used as back slope above the trail nearby. At the end of the day we opened up another dirt mine near where we need the dirt. Kendall won the $20 from the drawing today.  Official 
Horse Trail  Blue Ridge Parkway  100.3  22   4/25/2018  This was the start of rehabilitation of the Blue Ridge Parkway Horse Trail from Hogan Road, headed south. Thanks to Lindsay Webb at Roanoke County for coordinating permissions, compliance, etc. North Cross students came out for their service day - brave bunch with Ed Dickenson toiling away in the morning rain and mud. The crew raked and cleared over 1/2 mile, but too wet to dig. Great to have some of the old timers back - Bill and Lynn to start off the day, Jim Lewis, Maurice, and a new comer Jim Pickens.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  37.5  6   4/22/2018  Nice weather today. We started out cutting a tree off the fire road. Then we worked on roughing in more trail through a rocky zone in prep for a large crew on May 5th that will be harvesting rock from above the trail and sitting it above the trail so we need to have a trail to sit it above so they don't have to carry it any further than needed. Later we will haul it as needed from above the trail. We also widened the outlet a little on our rock filled drainage and filled it with rock and then raised the level of the rock on the right side maybe 10 inches. We want to make sure there is less chance of this ever getting stopped up. It was flowing heavy today and very clean water coming out from under the rocks. It is neat hearing it flow under the rocks. Then later in the day we filled both cannycoms full of rock and proceeded to travel on many of our old access routes all the way back to a very early drainage that has been a little soggy the past week. This was a drainage where we had no rock. We had spread the drainage over a large area to prevent erosion which worked, but the constant water flow finally softened the dirt. We pounded the two full loads of rock into the back side of the trail. It was very hard work and we decided we need at least one more hand sledge as we could not swing the big sledges anymore after 3 hours. It is harder trying to pound rocks into the ground than just smashing them. I am not sure we totally finished this, but it should be much better. I also know where some closer rocks are if another day we want to work on this more. But the rocks are bigger and will need a lot of smashing, but better than hauling loads so far. Oh, we also added quite a few rocks to another banked turn and placed a few large rock in the structure. Three mountain bikers came by and gave us $70 and said have a good lunch. But since we all do not leave at the same time, we decided we should do a drawing for 20,20,20,10 the next 4 work days. Use it as an incentive to get more help or at least reward some of the volunteers who show up often and have more of a chance to win. Hopefully this is good with everyone and the people that gave it to us. Thanks!   Official 
Hotel-Hi Dee Ho Connector  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  60.5  11   4/18/2018  Started the new trail connecting Hotel to HiDee Ho. Renee and Liz worked on layout farther along, crew worked on trees and construction.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  43.3  7   4/14/2018  Wonderful weather today. The ground was almost too dry, A bit hard to get the dirt to pack well. First we gathered two loads of rocks. We hauled them down the trail and added them to a banked turn. Then we got two more loads. Then we got many loads of dirt, maybe 30 or so and worked on two banked turns. We finished them and also worked on some naturalization. We have more touching up to do, but that section is almost done.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  64.0  12   4/11/2018  We finished! Great day with great crew. Built ramps on either end of #16 bridge. Built toe kicks on #15 bridge. Raked between 15 and 16. Built trail from #11 basket to #12 tee. Built trail between #10 basket and #11 tee. Got two loads of dirt on the equipment road near #12 bridge and raked it down to cover the roots. Dressed up between #5 tees. And finished the steps at #4, for a total of 13! Several groups playing the course and inmates working on dirt shoulders at the tees. Beautiful sunshine and a little Frisbee, oops disc, practice at lunch. Not too hot, not too cold; finally a spring day.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  35.0  5   4/8/2018  Today we focused on fixing the drainage where the spring popped up too far off to the side for our original rock work to catch it. So we dug out another large area for handling the drainage from the spring and filled it with rocks. It was hard work to dig out next to all the other rocks we had already installed. Today we also repaired the Vermeer track that had lost one of its metal drive plates. The track was not working well at all without it. We were able to remove the track then reinsert the plate that had ripped from the rubber and we drilled holes and bolted it back into the track. Holes on outside of track were countersunk in order to protect the bolt heads as we try to get more use out of these tracks. It took about 3 hours to fix, but it worked very well. We roughed in some more trail mainly in order to harvest rocks which we knew were VERY thick in this area. We hauled most of them down the trail to a banked turn we have been collecting rock for.  Official 
Clean Valley Day  Roanoke County  28.3  9   4/7/2018  Good turnout of hard workers, in spite of the forecast. We cleaned the "blue" Hinchee tract and Mason Creek. 13 tires, lots of carcasses (deer and fox), VDOT signs and debris, and the normal trash or plastic, carpets, etc.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  13.0  2   4/6/2018  Today Rich and I biked out to the work site to do some finishing work. We finished a section of trail and added a banked turn. We ended by collecting some more rocks by roughing in a little more trail, but ended up having an issue with the right track on the Vermeer. One of the metal drive and tracking plates came off. We tried using the machine without it, but that did not work well. We thought that was going to be it for that track. Stay tuned for next work day because I had a few days to think of a fix.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  54.0  11   4/4/2018  Trail on Number 4 got dug and 7 steps installed at top. #15 built. Finishing touches on #7. Glad for the correct weather call from Bud, as it turned out to be a pretty nice day. Ticks are out.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  44.0  7   3/31/2018  It was a bit wet out in the morning. On the way in we had to cut a pretty large heavy tree off the fire road at the far end of Song Bird. Once we got out to the trail we were disappointed to see a flowy spring had popped up to the right of the area we had made for the water to flow in the ravine. This was coming out the side of the hill and making the trail wet before going into our rocks. We will have to make a wider rock area to catch this spring also now. Of course we worked on another banked turn. This is a small one back near the beginning of the roughed in trail where we are trying to finish up trail, so we knew we needed to get started on this on. We made good progress, however we had to haul rocks a very long way as there were none around this area. Then we worked on some almost finished banked turns packing and shaping them a little more. Ron was the master naturalizer today trying to follow in Dicks footsteps and doing a great job. Rich and I finished working on the issue at the rock ledge where lots of water was running down the top of the ledge rock making a muddy area. We cleaned all the dirt off the surface of that huge ledge rock where the trail goes over and rock armored the outer edge past the lip of the rock where the water will run off. We got that area of trail looking pretty good. There will be a small area where we are going up to our dirt mine that we can not finish until we close the dirt mine and naturalize it. Dick came out today to plant some trees he got from the forest service. I think he said he planted 40 trees. He picked some spots that were a little baron around our trail.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  63.5  14   3/28/2018  Multiple teams. One team finished digging the trail from 13 tee to 13 basket. Then moved to start digging 4. One team worked on digging 7, and one team worked on steps for 7. Also got 6 done. Nothing like a big group!  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Mayflower Hill Park - RoanokeCounty  35.5  8   3/23/2018  Great day. After being snowed/rained out for three weeks, we opted to work half day Friday. Fortunately the breeze had helped dry things out and not as much snow there as in western part of the valley. We were all eager to enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie building trail. So pleased to have Maurice back, plus George and Jim Brown. We finished the trail from 12-13 and did about half the trail from 13 tee up to the field. Bud and Tom built 3 AT-type locust steps in the turn and Tom did a great job on digging out a huge tree root. All in all a fun day  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  36.3  6   3/18/2018  Today was wet from all the rain last night. We could not use the Vermeer because it was down where we had just made some banked turns the week before and the they were too soft to move the machine across them at this time. So we smashed more rock most the day. Steve worked in the ravine crossing where we have put huge amounts of rock. He was working on the banked shape and making a place for water to collect if we have a massive rain and then it will filter through all the rock we put there and the little dam we made to slow it down. Later weeks if the dirt ever dries out, we will shape up that area some more. We did a lot of work on the banked turn near the tool boxes. The one we put all the brick in. We had to raise up the middle area to get proper drainage. We also hand dug and shaped the drainage on the far end. We had to cut through rock to shape the tread. It was a slow process. It should hold up great as the trail is mostly carved rock. Then in the afternoon Rich and I went back to the rock ledge as we were going to do finishing work. However we decided instead to redo an area that had issues with the way water was collecting underground and flowing out over a massive rock and into our clay on the trail making it wet. It is a small area were the massive rock sloped down and we had put dirt and small rocks there. Well we dug all that out and started armoring it with larger rocks and we decided to just expose much more if the huge ledge rock even if the trail slope is not ideal we think we can blend it in. We were hunting for the best jigsaw puzzle rocks and having a time finding good ones. Maybe we smashed up too many. We did not finish, but got a good start.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  28.4  4   3/10/2018  Today the weather did not know what it was going to do. We took a chance and it all worked out. The soil had perfect moisture for working it. We did finishing work all day on 3 banked turns and the trail between them.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  39.9  7   3/4/2018  Today we started out clearing some fallen trees from the road between start of Rock-N-Roll and out parking area. Then we had to gather and smash rock before we could get the Vermeer back across the ravine. We smashed rock at the ravine and the closest banked turn. When we got that done we went back to the start of our still roughed in trail. We smashed rocks into the dirt in the soft spots. We packed some new dirt in low spots and reshaped the trail.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  27.0  8   2/28/2018  Finished the 16 bridge and some of approaches to the 15 and 13 bridges, with minor trail construction. Cold and misty wet off and on, so quit early.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  28.3  5   2/25/2018  We almost didn't have a work day due to rainy weekend. But things cleared up by 1pm and we had a nice afternoon to work. Trail was too wet to do finishing work, so we fixed the Canycom (clutch belt replacement). We finished bringing the last of the old brick up. We smashed all the brick and some rock in the banked turn nearby. We dug out the drainage area and started to fill it with rock. This way the little water that flows will flow under the trail. We harvested rock nearby for this. The digging was hard as the dirt was wet and heavy. We piled it up to dry. We will use it later to shape the turn. We did a little work with shaping on the bricked banked turn, but have more to do to get the shape right.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  46.0  8   2/21/2018  Beautiful spring-like day, almost hot. Small but talented crew. Roger and his team built the bridge from 12 to 13. Dave Foster, Tom and Blanche built the trail to 13, which Bill had finished laying out before his surgery. Rolling crown turn, thanks to Tom. The bridge at 15 had been decked by Shawn. The park is really shaping up.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  8.0  2   2/19/2018  Today our mission was to fix the Canycom belt. I had went all over the place in the morning trying to find a belt. I got one finally that I was led to believe was a 30 inch belt. It turned out to be too tight. We gave up on that and it was too wet to haul brick with Vermeer, so we spent the rest of the day smashing brick that we had already moved the day before.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  34.5  6   2/18/2018  Today we decided we better get the bricks moved that the Virginia Conservation Easement people said we had to get rid of (they were piled at end of old School House Trail exit). We were planning to use them as fill in wet areas. So instead we are using them as fill in a banked turn on Rock-N-Roll (but that was a long haul). We smashed them up and it will save us from using a much dirt. To move them up we needed to put some dirt over some very tall roots that we didn't want to cut on the access trail. We also had to pull up some pointy rocks that would hurt the tracks on the equipment. While we had the Vermeer down at the road we shaped up the small parking area a bit. We also cleaned out an old drainage that was stopped up due to fallen old tree and dirt that backed up. We shaped it better but when canycom belt broke we started hauling bricks with Vermeer which prevented us from doing final shaping and naturalizing. It has rained ever since so it is not workable now until it dries a bit.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  34.3  6   2/9/2018  Today the ground was frozen to start. It started thawing right away and made a wet mess. So we could not do any trail finishing work. Again we had to harvest rock and rough in trail. Today we mostly focused on rocks. We gathered some very large ones from an area above the trail. We used the large ones for a big banked turn we are making. We also smashed a bunch into the closest drainage ravine. There was some water flowing in the ravine today. Looks like we might have to armor this crossing after we are done driving equipment across it.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  16.0  2   2/3/2018  Today started out cold, but quickly warmed up. The dirt was too frozen and then too muddy to do any finishing work at all. So we roughed in a little more trail with a goal to get to some rocks to harvest. Well we really did hit a stockpile of rocks while roughing in a short section of trial. We gathered all those rocks (around 15 loads with canycom). All but one load went in above the trail in the nearest ravine crossing. We are building up the uphill side to slow the water down and spread it across what will be our banked turn through the ravine. Later we will see if we need to armor the tread. Then we walked the whole rest of the trail again to freshen the flaging and check the elevations.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  56.5  13   1/31/2018  This was a productive day - with the step team finally finishing the long flight on the #5-#6 connection (beautiful job), and the ramp just below, and the approaches to the new bridge - all completed. With a blaze of energy following a grand lunch of chili courtesy the County and brownies courtesy Blanche, the second bridge is now well along further down the drainage, and a nice long stretch of descending side-hill to #12 tee is now in place.   Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  73.0  13   1/24/2018  Numerous jobs were done today all in close proximity making it easier to share burdens. Shawn had left a trailer with the bridge lumber on the road top-side, stringers already laminated - and the whole crew carried the materials down to the bridge site making the work easy. One team worked on the ramp and another on nearby trail mutually assisting in hauling rock. Half the ramp and crib wall have been completed and most of the trail from bridge up slope to goal - fortunately Shawn showed up just at the right time to stop us starting in to the final steep ascent to the goal as the golf rules stipulate no structure within 15 ft. of a goal. Step team did well but several still to do - the day shortened as some folk had to leave early for G/W Commissiion meeting.   Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  35.0  6   1/21/2018  Today was a wet day from thaw. So we could not work on any trail finishing and could not use the clay mine. This was the first day we used the new access trail. We cut the fallen trees off of it. We flagged it better and blew the leaves off. On the main tail we pulled all the organic off the trail route through the next very steep drainage in a really wide swath as it is a steep side hill so we will be disturbing a larger area to get the back slope right. The organic was deep in the drainage. We are making an area above the trail in the drainage to slow the water down before it crosses the trail. This will be filled with rocks and allow for a banked turn. After all the organic was removed we were able to use the Vermeer to rough in the trail and take advantage of all the nice exposed clay. We put some of the clay on a previous banked turn we had started, but we forgot to go back to shape and pack it down, I noticed it was a mess the next day. Dick came out in the afternoon and transplanted some ferns to help naturalize around the bridge area. Did I mention how warm it was today? Over 60!  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  19.8  3   1/14/2018  To start with today we had to cut a tree off the fire road. However the saw did not run well. We tried fresh gas which worked last time, but didn't this time. Because of the recent rain and then fast freeze, We found the ground was too slippery for the Vermeer to cut new trail like we did last weekend (too risky for sliding off the steep side hill). And I knew we could not begin to work on finishing work. Instead we flagged the next temporary access trail. We cleared as much of the down trees as we could by hand. We will have a few that need a chainsaw once it is fixed. Then we decided to go down the main trail and freshen the flagging. Unfortunately we found a large area in the middle that had absolutely no flagging left. I have no idea how this could have happened as 6 months ago we put up a huge amount of flagging. We spent a huge amount of time trying to find any evidence of the old flagging. I am amazed that we found none. We then tried to lay it back out the best we could without a clinometer. We will have to go back later and verify the route using the clinometer. Also I intend to use a none degrading flagging because we are very good about removing all the flagging as we build the need for degradable flagging. Then at the end of the day we dug and chopped around a 10 inch tree out of the middle of the trail route.  Official 
Mayflower Hill Park - disc golf course features  Roanoke County  80.5  13   1/10/2018  Eager to get back to work after seemingly endless days of bad weather and holidays, we were frustrated yet again to find the ground frozen iron-hard two inches below the surface.The two bridge teams however were able to proceed with picks to excavate enough soil to complete their steps - bravo! but our intended aim of building the short connection from tee 11 down to the site of a future creek crossing was limited to clearing the route of brush, debris, some duff. The trail crew left after lunch, while Shannon et al worked on until mid-afternoon built the last of the final fan complex for #17 and some nice looking rock cribbing also.Roger et al kept at their flight another several hours to complete a very handsome set of steps with landing platform down at the big tree.  Official 
Rock-N-Roll Trail Build  Carvins Cove - ROA_City_P&R  15.5  2   1/7/2018  Today started out pretty cold at around 8 degrees F. However there was little wind and it was not too bad. Later it warmed up to near 30 and felt quite nice. We did have a little trouble starting the Canycom and the Vermeer. For the Vermeer we had to drive the truck back out to pick up a battery booster. That did the trick and even though the machine was a bit sluggish until the hydraulic fluid warmed up, it eventually ran very well. We decided to rough in trail since the first few inches of ground was frozen and would make it hard to do any trial finishing work. But it was fine for roughing in trail. Once we broke through the first 3 inches the dirt was very nice below that. We were able to also use the dirt we dug out to continue adding to a banked turn we had been working on. As usual we spent a bunch of time sorting all the organic out and even some of the larger rocks. We used the larger rocks on the back side of the banked turn for support. We were pretty happy with our progress on a very steep side hill. We are getting pretty close to the drainage crossing.  Official 
Report Summary:   Total Project-Days = 205      Volunteer Hours = 6,833.8     Staff Hours = 402.0     Total Hours = 7,235.8