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Roanoke River Greenway through Moyer Sports Complex closed until July 8th

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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Mission and Services

The Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission, City of Roanoke Police Department, in cooperation with the City of Roanoke Parks and Recreation Department, have developed an exciting volunteer opportunity.   The Greenway Ambassadors Program is designed to engage current greenway users to help with greenway monitoring and maintenance.

Greenway Ambassadors are the eyes and ears for the City of Roanoke Police and Parks & Recreation departments.  Greenway volunteers signed up as Ambassadors will help monitor conditions on the City Greenways, as well as report activity.

The City of Roanoke greenways are part of the Roanoke Valley Greenway System, and include paved and unpaved trails that connect residential communities with City parks, open spaces and commercial areas.

Greenway Ambassadors will:

  • Promote greenway courtesy and safety.
  • Provide general information to greenway users.
  • Assist when help is needed.
  • Set a good example by obeying greenway rules and guidelines.
  • Provide interpretive and geographical information.
  • Watch for greenway conditions that may be hazardous.
  • Advise greenway users of rules and regulations.
  • Provide safety information.
  • Use good judgment and common sense.
  • Report problems to appropriate management partners.

We are currently seeking volunteers to be Ambassadors

Job Description 


Greenway Ambassadors will strive to enhance the user experience by sharing the knowledge of routes, available resources, etiquette, and respect for other users. Their goal is to assist users of all ages and experience levels to have a safe, fun, outdoor experience.


  • 18 years of age
  • Outgoing, with good communication skills
  • Safety-oriented
  • Willing to register as a City volunteer
  • Willing to attend training
  • Willing to provide 8 hours of volunteer service per month.

Greenway Ambassador volunteers do not need to act as a volunteer every time they use a greenway.

Volunteers are expected to:

  1. Commit to 2 hours of service 4 times per month April-October
  2. Complete 4 hours of training
  3. Be familiar with Greenway resources and location
  4. Provide education and awareness in a non-confrontational manner
  • Model user etiquette, custom, consideration
  • Know resource location—bathrooms, water fountains, play grounds, restaurants, trail heads, routes, information kiosks
  1. Provide directions to other routes and trails
  2. Be available for user interaction
  3. Provide Greenway eyes and ears
  4. Contact appropriate emergency personnel when needed
  5. Complete feedback report to Coordinator after each shift

The Ambassador Coordinator is Renee Powers in City Parks. Her duties include:

  1. Recruit volunteers
  2. Schedule/manage volunteer service time
  3. Plan/schedule training sessions
  4. Capture volunteer feedback
  • Number of encounters
  • Subject of encounters
  • Routes/sections covered by Ambassadors
  • Observations
  1. Provide monthly activity summary
  2. Maintain list of substitutes
  3. Manage placement and relocation of temporary signage

The first training session was held June 2, 2016. For more information on becoming an ambassador, contact Gordon Ewald at 589-8406 or Renee Powers at