Pathfinders for Greenways

Pathfinders for Greenways

Pathfinders for Greenways was incorporated in 1997 to be a non-profit organization to involve citizens in development of the greenway network. Pathfinders provides a forum for involvement of volunteers, coordination of work days, greenway promotional events, and fund raising. The Pathfinders have been particularly effective in building and maintaining natural surface trails. They donate 3-5,000 hours of volunteer service each year, have purchased over $60,000 worth of trail building equipment, and bought and donated the Hinchee Trail to Roanoke County in 2019. Pathfinders has 501(c)(3) status which allows all contributions to be tax deductible. Pathfinders’ trail projects include trails at Carvins Cove, Green Hill Park, Read Mountain Preserve, Poor Mountain Preserve, Waid Park, Natural Bridge, and Mill Mountain Park.

Board Members in 2022

  • Brian Batteiger
  • Liz Belcher
  • Guy Byrd
  • Kemper Fant
  • Craig Favor
  • Roger Holnback (VPres)
  • Cyndi Jones
  • MaryLou Legg
  • Brian McCahill (Pres)
  • Jim Mullens (Tres)
  • Marlee Richardson (Sec)
  • Dan Sullivan

Contact Pathfinders:

Mailing address: Pathfinders for Greenways, P.O. Box 8553, Roanoke, VA 24014