Roanoke Valley Greenways (Virginia) began as an initiative of citizens devoted to making the valley a better place to live. Building a greenway network requires linking together neighborhoods, finding connections, and protecting community resources. It requires the support and leadership of government staff and the help of local, state, and federal elected officials. It involves volunteers and corporations, users and builders, landowners and agencies.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to our site – learning where to find our greenways to enjoy and how you can get involved to expand their presence.

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Request for Proposals

New Greenways Website

We are currently accepting proposals. Roanoke Valley Greenways wants to create a sleek, modern website that attracts new users, helps longtime users discover new greenways and trailheads, and shares important information about the greenway network like route changes, nearby amenities and volunteer opportunities. The site should be mobile friendly, provide an interactive greenway map, and host a volunteer database system. Proposals due October 11, 2019.

See our RFP here: Roanoke Valley Greenways Website RFP 09-2019


2018 Greenway Plan