Roanoke Valley Greenways

Roanoke Valley Greenways

Greenways Updates

Where Can I Go to Exercise during COVID-19 Restrictions?

Updated: August 13, 2020

All greenways and trails are currently open. Please help keep trails open by remaining socially distanced outdoors.

Note: The greenways and trails in the Roanoke region are owned and operated by the localities. Thus, each facility is managed based on that locality’s use, crowding, and capacity to provide services. You can help the localities in our region fight the virus by abiding by greenway and park closures, which will be updated on this page.


Paved greenways:

  • Roanoke River Greenway
  • Tinker Creek Greenway
  • Garden City Greenway
  • Lick Run Greenway
  • Mill Mountain Greenway
  • Mill Mountain Access Road
  • Garst Mill Greenway
  • Glade Creek Greenway
  • Read Mountain Greenway

Cinder surface and natural surface trails:

  • Carvins Cove Trails
  • Explore Park Trails
  • Fishburn Park Trails
  • Green Hill Park Trails
  • Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail
  • Happy Hollow Gardens Trails
  • Hinchee Trail
  • Hollins Park Trail
  • Jae Valley Park Trails
  • Mill Mountain Trails
  • Morningside Park Trail
  • Read Mountain Preserve
  • South County Library Trail
  • Tinker Creek Greenway at Hollins University
  • Walrond Park Trail
  • Wolf Creek Greenway

Please check locality websites for the latest information.