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Roanoke City to detour Roanoke River Greenway in Wasena beginning Monday, April 29th

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Murray Run Greenway

Murray Run Greenway

Murray Run Greenway is a 1.9 mile neighborhood trail, connecting five schools and three parks. The greenway was adopted in 1998 by the Greater Raleigh Court Civic League, which assisted Pathfinders for Greenways and the City with planning and construction of various sections. Starting from Shrine Hill Park on Grandin Road, the greenway winds behind the old Raleigh Court Elementary and Patrick Henry track with a cinder surface. Then it enters the woods of Woodland Park and is a natural surface trail as far as Montgomery St. Sidewalks provide a connection to the stoplight on Brambleton, allowing the connection to Fishburn Park. Here the trail crosses an 80’ bridge with views of a rain garden, all designed and built by volunteers. The main greenway now follows a cinder surface trail, lined with commemorative trees, to a downstream bridge, where it connects to a natural surface trail to James Madison Middle School. Alternate paths also connect to the Fishburn playground, old spring, upstream bridge, and trails on the hillside. As a neighborhood facility, the greenway is frequently used by walkers, track team runners, dog walkers, children, commuters, Frisbee golf players, families, and exercisers seeking time outdoors.

Formerly, the greenway continued on through James Madison and Fishburn schools, to provide a connection to Virginia Western at McNeil Drive, but that trail is currently closed due to security concerns. A future connection from the greenway through Virginia Western to Ogden Road is being explored.


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Trail Facts & Figures

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Rules, Regulations
& Etiquette

Trail Rules

Some trails cross jurisdictions along route. Rules vary by jurisdiction.

System-Wide Rules:

  1. Yield to pedestrians.
  2. Keep to the right, pass on the left.
  3. Give an audible warning when passing.
  4. Maintain safe, courteous speeds.
  5. Keep pets on a leash.
  6. Clean up after pets.
  7. Keep the greenway trash free.
  8. No trespassing after hours.
  9. No motor vehicles.
  10. No alcohol, camping, hunting, or fires.

City of Roanoke Hours:

  • Hours: 6 am – 11 pm.

Trail jurisdiction

This trail crosses the following jurisdictions:

City of Roanoke

General Trail Etiquette

  1. Share the trail.
  2. Slow down when congested.
  3. Do not take up more than half the trail.
  4. Keep leashes short.
  5. Wear appropriate safety equipment.
  6. Step off the trail when stopping.
  7. Scoop the poop immediately.
  8. Carry trash to waste receptacles.

Report Trail Maintenance Issue

Please report any trail maintenance issues using this form.