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Roanoke City to detour Roanoke River Greenway in Wasena beginning Monday, April 29th

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Catawba Greenway

Catawba Greenway

As of September 2021, the two legs of the Catawba Greenway are a 2.9 mile trail, connecting the Appalachian Trail to the Catawba community. when combined with the Appalachian Trail, the Catawba greenway makes for about a five mile loop, or about a 10 mile option to hike out to McAfee Knob.

The Catawba Greenway begins at the trailhead parking at Virginia Tech’s Catawba Sustainability Center, an agricultural research facility focused on improving farming techniques while restoring eco-system health. The trail follows the roadbed of old 311 for a short distance up to a shelter on a knoll, offering dramatic views of the Catawba Valley and great bird watching opportunities. This section of the trail (and the table at the shelter) are wheelchair-accessible. Beyond the shelter, the greenway becomes a more traditional hiking trail constructed by the Pathfinders Midweek Crew. This trail begins to climb in earnest until it reaches the the McAfee Knob fire road. To make the trail a loop, follow the AT back south to 311, where the other leg of the Catawba Greenway descends to a bridge across Catawba Creek and another crossing of Rt. 311. After crossing Rt. 311, the route proceeds to the Catawba Community Center, an old school building and home to a great farmer’s market on certain days. From the community center, follow the blazes along the fence line and 779 until you return to the sustainability center.


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Trail Facts & Figures

of Use
Mostly natural, with some gravel road sections
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Rules, Regulations
& Etiquette

Trail Rules

Some trails cross jurisdictions along route. Rules vary by jurisdiction.

System-Wide Rules:

  1. Yield to pedestrians.
  2. Keep to the right, pass on the left.
  3. Give an audible warning when passing.
  4. Maintain safe, courteous speeds.
  5. Keep pets on a leash.
  6. Clean up after pets.
  7. Keep the greenway trash free.
  8. No trespassing after hours.
  9. No motor vehicles.
  10. No alcohol, camping, hunting, or fires.

Roanoke County Hours:

  • Hours: 6 am -9 pm.

Trail jurisdiction

This trail crosses the following jurisdictions:

Roanoke County

General Trail Etiquette

  1. Share the trail.
  2. Slow down when congested.
  3. Do not take up more than half the trail.
  4. Keep leashes short.
  5. Wear appropriate safety equipment.
  6. Step off the trail when stopping.
  7. Scoop the poop immediately.
  8. Carry trash to waste receptacles.

Report Trail Maintenance Issue

Please report any trail maintenance issues using this form.